Steampunk Faith, jonfer Maia (3D)


Title: Steampunk Faith
Name: jonfer Maia
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This is my latest work and it’s called “Steampunk Faith”. The idea of this project was to take all the objects from a Steampunk book and turn them into 3D! All the objects were made by scrap in real life and I wanted to keep the same designs from the book. I had a lot of trouble trying to render it in max and vray…So I rendered it in Keyshot with normal quality because my computer wouldn’t let me use any higher settings(I’m happy with the result though =D). I did the background in Photoshop and this is like a steampunk stuff hanging around in some paradise. I hope you guys like it, it has been 10 months since I started with 3D and stuff. Thanks!



I really like the depth in this work, like an Alice in Wonderland meets Steampunk road roller-coaster ride, with a funky robot :beer:


this is FRONTPAGE stuff !! very cool and inspiring ! 5*


This render looks awesome! I love the steampunk style, but I’ve never seen it with these brighter colors. Very cool. :slight_smile:


Amazing work Jonfer, but the plate is sooo simple… :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats man and keep up the good work 5* :smiley:


Great job!

You managed to develop a Steampunk work in a playful way!


Hey man, congrats for the work, i know it took some serious efforts but the result is really great, front page stuff


Great stuff!


very Good,nice Work!! Congrats!!


Hey thank you very much guys! I really appreciate the kind words and I’m so glad you guys like my stuff =D. thank you very much!!!


Nice ended… you are a great artis!! keep going dude


Thanks a lot man glad you like it!! =D


Hey Jonfer, wassup man?

high detailed modeling, great shaders and colors!

Amazing work!


Thanks a lot jeanmarcel3d!! glad you like it man!! So I’d like to share with you guys some unsmoothed wires and smoothed beauty ones from the viewport. I also wanna show you guys the render without any post process! The post process was basically to give it some “life”. I was trying to do this in max and vray…but my computer was crashing all the time when I opened the file cause its too heavy for max and my computer is not that good… So I figured out that I could do this in keyshot! I tried to render it in good quality but again the same problem…then a put it in normal quality and it took a long time to render it…after that I started to work on lights and stuff to break up the “studio looking” the textures are pretty much high rez scratches,stains, clouds textures that I played in photoshop with blend modes…I used some smoke brushes and also put some filters to make this fantasy looking. I hope this can be helpful =D!




Very cool mate,nice image,keep it up! ^^

Bests Regards!!


Awesome man!!


Thank you very much guys!!=D


amazing work man ,very well detailed and I love the composition!! 5stars |o|


Jonfer, very impressive work and attention to detail. Congrats!