Steampunk Chinese Winter..., Raphael Lacoste (2D)


Title: Steampunk Chinese Winter…
Name: Raphael Lacoste
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Hi there,

in this one, no 3D at all, wanted to try something in 2D from scratch!
10 hours work, hope you’ll like it,

happy new Year!



very good !

nice style ! 5 stars from me !


Hey Raphael
Nice enviroment! nice colors,the mount need more details :slight_smile:
Great work,and happy new year :wink:


very goood work nice winter mood with so many hard brush details 4*



I am happy you like it,
here are some details:


I like this style! You are rock! Maybe you shold use some guideline for the perspective becouse i think some roof is off. Anyway I do not want to teach you, i need learning :slight_smile:



I love your style man… really… always I love the natural traces…!!! and you have a lot…!!



Incredible painting as usuall Raphael. I like a lot your style, and how you manage lights to get such a realistic ambient. Congratulations.


Hi Raphael!

Very good enviroment. Well done!



excellent lighting - dig the looseness of this one =D


Beautifully done Raphael.
Underpinned by a great drawing, the colouring is really atmospheric.
One tiny niggle, which may just be on my display, is that some of the linework in the mountains top left come across a bit stong and pop. Doesn’t mean I don’t absolutley love it and wish I had done it. Only ten hous as well! I’m beginning to hate you (in a friendly, jealous way).

All the best,


I swear Raph, you can have your own coffee table book or something :slight_smile: Love the depth in your latest. The wintery feel is most evident, even more so that what we’re getting here in Canada huh? Maybe that’s why you painted this piece, you needed some snow in your life heh :slight_smile:





thanks! yes I need a real snow indeed :slight_smile:


The depth and the mood are amazing !

Awesome work my man ! Félicitations !


This rocks. Nice and rough style. Me likes! :slight_smile:


whow, full 2d for this one…humm…you’re aslo very good in this technique, very nice work, i particularly like the houses of the foreground.


an other fantastic work Raphael.:bounce:…
wish you the best maaaan:thumbsup:


As usual Raph, stunning work! Happy New Year.


interesting work!
i,m not sure about your lighting in the sky & your street!
other than this …
nice details & cool atmosphere!


I only have One word for you…

HOLY ****!

Oh wait, thats two words…