Steam Machine, Jean-francois Bruckner (2D)


Title: Steam Machine
Name: Jean-francois Bruckner
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

I tried with this one to create an incredible Steam Machine using Photoshop. I was inspired after I’ve seen the last trailer of Miyazaki’s last anime : Howl’s Moving Castle.


WTF, man! :eek:

That’s… your works are true beauty :applause:
That is indeed an incredible steam machine!
How did you do this??

Have you seen the Steamboy trailer? Otomo’s new, and it looks like a hit… of course, I trust “Howl’s” will be great as well :slight_smile:


Amazing picture!!, i love the details, i would like to know the process!, is great.


Thanks !
>Ragathol : no i don’t have seen it, but I will for sure, it looks great!
>José Garcia R./Ragathol : for the process I used some photography, some 3D rendering, I arrange all until I find the shape interesting and I paint over to melt all these stuff together. After that I put Fx (smoke fog halo) to finish the pic. I hope that will help. I’ll try to find some progress of these one if you want.


Wow great work.:cool:


Really a good work, I like the surreal industrial landscape you’ve done. I like the colors scheme you chose too. Great work.


Whoa, I agree, it’s truly incredible. The picture itself is also awesome.


Looks fantastic, I’d love to have a huge print for my wall.


That’s great! I like the tone and light :thumbsup:


absolutely stunning piece! the details are just insane. five stars from me :thumbsup:


Man, you have amazing attention to details. I have to say that I live in an very dense industrial area, and had seen a lot of instalations in steel, aluminium, iron ore, pellets plants, foundrys…and you had truly captured this look and beyond. In fact, the lower part from your image belong to some steel plant (specifically laddles). I´m sure everyone wants to know how you did this image. Congratulations and 4 stars!.. Ah, nothing to crit, sorry for my english too.


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