Steam Hotrod


My new creation :wip:


Little update :wip:


Bad ass. Definitely loving the revised exhaust stack tip, looks much better than the original look.

Quality details everywhere… great style. You know what would be kind random/cool/stupid is if you made a militarized version of this thing in WWI/WWII era military colors.

Can’t wait to see this textured!


interesting look … looking forward to the next steps


Love the design and clean modeling. Also dig how the front of the chassis is bowing under the weight of the steam engine. Nice design! Look froward to updates


This is awesome machine.

I have a very specific question - regarding front suspension. Those two prongs sticking forward at the front of the car - they look ‘abandoned’. They would originally be used to mount leaf springs, like here:

But these are often just left alone, after upgrading to coil springs:

Seems you went with the latter, but I don’t see the spring/shock anywhere.
Sorry to be so picky, i’m just sensitive to that… and well, I don’t have anything else to be picky about here :wink:


:rolleyes: Thank you that paid attention, :slight_smile: fix it :wip:


there was free time and worked a little… :slight_smile:


Great attention to detail

Will you go with a weathered patina look or more of a restored clean look?


I am loving all of your steam punk themed ideas that you keep churning out. I’m curious as to what exactly your particular workflow is. How do you start, what type of modeling do you prefer. And do you have a certain artist you use for steampunk inspiration? Haha sorry about all of the questions. I just love your stuff. Thanks.


great modelling i like it :buttrock:


Begin their work with a sketch, references, photographs on the theme. Prefer - polygonal modeling.
Particular author can not be called. :wink:

(sorry for my english :slight_smile: )


I think it will not be clean. But much also will not be rusty :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Continue …

Almost completed the interior… :wip:


Hey man,

I love the model! The wheel camber and sloped chassis really adds a lot of weight and character.

Just curious, but is the steam boiler meant to be fired by gas?



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