Steam head


Began to make a mechanical head, farewell work with Vrey (turn on mental rey)


I think you’ve got a cool model there, but your texture detailing lacks motivation (ie it’s a little generic) and your lighting is very flat. Remember, lighting isn’t just about making a scene visible, it’s about enhancing the subject and making it beautiful.


A bit completed texture of table, and I continue to add objects

Light did not touch, I do not can with tints determined.

Warm lamp(yellow), cold back(bluish)


I will make the rubber tube darker or black color, It stand out quite a lot (which I guess you do not want) due to its color (blue).

Sometimes, its things people take for granted that stick out like an unhammered nail, in this case, its the nail. The bending at the center is too sharp, make it rounder.

The wall is also weak sauce. My impression, is that you apply a nice uniform wall texture, maybe adjust the color a little, plug into a shader/material & call it a day. It looks very CG.

Maybe the wall can be enhanced with some paint peels, oil stint , burn marks etc due to all the work done on the helmet.

The image still feels flat, do you have ambient occusion applied?


Can do more? :shrug:


I never used Vray in my life, but The Vray control from the picture already looks better than Mental ray ones, I wonder why you want to switch.

The only reason I use MR is that it came out of the box from maya. The earlier version are pratty bad, in terms of integration,user friendliness, & many times requires a few steps too many that should be done automatically, a little like Zbrush, & how things are done in Germany in general LOL.

Anyway, if you look at the table alone, the side of the table & the top, have almost no differences in tone. The same can be said of the ladder.

I think maybe the GI need to be tone down. If you look also at the helmet, the light from the lamp should cast a dark shadow, but now, its almost nothing. If I did not look careful, I do not even know there are shadows.

I feel the lighting in the 1st post is much better.

Also, the rust, or whatever that is on the cooper of the helmet looks a little random & unnatural. You may want to relook at the texture again.


Rust remained from old texture, forgot to remove ^^
Vray light generally can not adjust the saturation shadow, should be put free light or omni




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