Steam City, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Steam City
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

rehashing an old wip image,this is the same scene from my ‘District 75’ image,modeled in 3dsmax,finalrender & post in Photoshop,

thanks for viewing!


This looks really good man, hope you get front page for this. Did you do the heat blur in Max? Or Photoshop?


Stunning work, as always…nearly flawless… :bowdown:

The only thing i notived, was the railing on the far left of the image…the bend looks a bit lowpoly…


Great artwork! Everything. Love those type of scenes (Blade Runner style). Congrats.


Wow…it’s looking great…and like your composting.:slight_smile:


I like the piece. Well executed… what would you estimate was finished in PSD? I ask because that’s a LOT of detail and textures back there… really really rich. The ship recalls Chris Foss a bit. Overall, I love it… maybe more with a night sky? A little more in the way of a visual path with lights and darks? IDK, just some ideas…



Stefan, your work is always amazing and influential.
It is the detail in such minimal areas that make the difference from your work to the work of many others.

Awesome work (again) mate.


very good work

u dont 4get any think good gob

good luck 4 ever :beer:


very nice work!
good models!
great textures!


Fantastic work stefan !! congrat !!


Morell art cool job as always Keep it


I always liked the mix of high-tech toys in low-tech settings. Nice work again Stefan. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments guys!

studiomiguel…a good deal of it is in PS…its the first image I’ve done since getting a new Cintiq so I had some fun with it :)…all the smoke & steam is hand painted,many of the lights etc.
I agree about the sky too…I ran out of ideas when doing the sky & left it neutral.

heres some close ups on the hi rez image


& a couple of the wires…


I love all your work, wonderful portfolio!


Your scene is stunning mate, kind of makes me think of a Bladerunner world set in the day time when its not raining :slight_smile:


Nice work as always,but why did you go for sketchy or ink paint sort of look?
btw i love that dense and detailed mesh,also give some tips on texturing part…:wavey:
keep coming with such inspiring work :thumbsup:


Wow great textures & nice composition…:thumbsup:


ncie work? i luv it


great scene


Great piece again, Stefan.

Marvelous modeling effort there