Steam Ball (WIP) "She's got a leak, sir."


Ok, here’s just basic renders of the steam ball I’m working on, inspired by the new anime SteamBoy. Still pretty basic, but working on it.

Any crits/suggestions welcome, especially modeling ideas that might make it more interesting.

Thanks for looking,


can’t see a thing, calibrarte your monitor!


Hey Galo, thanks for telling me. I thought someone would have at least said “that’s terrible” by now.

I used to have a calibrated CRT that I checked all my stuff on, but while I’m in Japan (doing non-computer related work) I just have my powerbook’s LCD.



Little update: added the nozzle. I need to figure out how I’m going to make the end connect to other piping … time to start finding some reference pics.

Next I’m thinking about added either 3 “feet” or two squared U-shaped handles to the base to give it something to stand on. The handles might make more logistical sense, the but feet might look better.

Opinions on anything appreciated.


edit: forgot the picture!


more … more…

(only crits…is don’t like only three bolts holding pipe in place.)
other than that looks fine to me…knowing absolutely nothing about steamed balls!:bounce: :eek:


Little update before bed. Thanks for the comments Flingster … I agree. I added two more bolts … it might be a little crowded, but I don’t like even numbers :wink:

The connection at the end of the pipe isn’t final, but I haven’t done my research yet, so it sticks until then.

I’m taking this from the movie Steam Boy. Check out (Japanese, but lots of pictures).

Good night!


Personaly, I kinda like the three solution much better than this recent, much too crowded take… … just look at you car’s thermostat housing, only two on that, so I kinda think three, as you had in the original take on this was much nicer, looked much cleaner, and is more than adequate :slight_smile:

anyways, looks very nice, I look forward to viewing this as it progress’


heh heh…this is why i love this forum…ask a question and get plenty of alternatives and plenty of ideas…good to see bud.

just a thought be that handle screw wheel thing…is on the side of steamboys rather than the top…apart from that looks like a very cool bit of anime…


Dropped it down to 4 bolts, got rid of the pipe, added a base. Wasn’t sure if I should put bolts on the base, or just say it’s welded on. Does it look too weak?

The textures are just for fun, won’t stick. The smoke is a tweaked preset from ST, more of an excuse to use to play with it than anything else. I’m not sure if I want to try to make some real textures for this, or practice more modeling since I still need to learn a lot more.

Any crits or comments welcome.


edit: Yeah, Flingster, I’m not trying to replicate it exactly, just the concept. Maybe it would look better if I had… And Steam Boy was excellent, I recommend it whenever it becomes available (still in theaters here). I just loved a bunch of the ideas.


texture it up in a brass look to it would look excellent. maybe add some other heath robinson type components and you quickly have a little scene going on.


Maybe something like this? (thanks to for the shader, although I modified it a bit).

I’ll work on some other objects next and try to make a little scene.


yeah thats pretty cool…try and add some oxidisation in areas…kinda like green tint dust and rusty appearance…and mix metals up a little.

take a look at cartesius’s gallery he has some good example of mixing metals on objects.

also i can’t remember who now but they did a cool render of a divers helmet which looked very cool.


ye, I am liking the progress on this little SteamBall… I like the copper idea, and good suggestions by Flingster here in creat’n a more realistic llok to this… looking good, though I must say that working from a preconcieved concept would be the way to go, re adding and then subtracting pipes… like where is this going? IS this going to connect to something, or if not then perhaps where the pipes were is a release valve, which would thus have a valve and a pressure guage etc… Do you know what I am getting at?

Most important, you are having fun, and that’s a good thing :slight_smile:


Added some oxidization, I think it looks ok, but I’m still learning how to texture.

Xtrude: Yeah, I agree it’s best to have a preconceived idea. I had made some initial sketches, but not enough. It will connect to something. I was toying with the pipe, but I didn’t like how it looked, and I wasn’t sure where to go with it. I already have some better ideas for how other things will be connected to this, though. :slight_smile:

I do have one question (sorry if this is in the manuals, mine are in another country, and I find it hard to casually read the .pdf). I used a d/led metal material with a number of shader effects that I don’t fully understand. I wanted to add oxidization to the same material, but I would need to create a layer or fusion at the top of the color hierarchy and then add the existing material below it, along with my oxidization material. Is there a way to do this, without re-setting all of the SLA values? What would other people do?

For the time being, I just created a new material with an alpha channel an added it on top of the first.



i would do it separately as you did i think…as they are different …check out the noctua graphics examples he does some good mixing of materials…they may have been installed or get yourself on the net and check em out. unless you’re using something like nukei.

as it is i think it looks pretty good i’m really looking forward to progress on this one…so keep with it…

also i think you came up with the best excuse i’ve ever heard for not responding to an rtfm statement…my manual is in a different country!!! too cool…i’ll have to remember that one…LOL:twisted:


Here’s a similar sort of model I did a while back - I added in a second layer of texture using dirtynuts in the alpha channel to add black/green dirt around the rivets and joints.
The base texture is SLA Nukei, with a blurred environment map.


i was thinking about that method last night…bake the dirt then use that for your green layer…and as you so rightly prove the result is very nice.


Umm, aren’t they online?


BIG GRINS…heh heh.
i guess i’m free to quote “rtfm” then…thanks bud…LOL…
gives me a great idea for a thread actually reasons for not reading the manual…??
my dog ate it!
i was sick on it! (this is actually true… :wink:
it fell apart (this one is actually true also :slight_smile:
its in another country.
i had to fight off killer bees with it.
its in german and i don’t speak german (couldn’t comment if this was true or not).
its being used to keep up structural elements on my latest archvis project!


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