steady hand test


trace the bunnay. i beat it in 33 secs. only tried a few times.



after about 20mins of trying, i got down to about 19-20 seconds…

god damn tahts cool :slight_smile:


After 20 mins of trying I finally got through it once, Only took me 62 seconds!:thumbsup:


hahaha that was a good laugh … but i was gettign frustrated 31 secounds the first and only time i finished… i think ill retire


i hate that game. :surprised


That game should be an mouse add. It made me realize just how unresponsive my mouse actually is. Because it is the mouse that can’t do it not me.:slight_smile:


i know you guys have wacoms, try it with those.


2nd go - i got 42 seconds…Im happy with that :slight_smile:


ooh third try i got 33 seconds haha, what a frustrating game… how did the top people get that in 6 seconds?? they must be robots :surprised:

-Tom N.



lol…er…im sorry…but ta…i have no buttrocks fer the bunny tracing thing…

whoops i fergot…im running 1600x1200…that might make it a little difficult…lol


I’m so lame at that 52 sec… how the hell can those people do it in 6 seconds?

Tried it with my wacom and its even harder than with my mouse.

What is that peice of music called? Really nice and relaxing…

Mat :smiley:


i blame it on me being left handed, and having learned to use the mouse w/ my right hand in this right handed world! hehehehe.

round 2 tomorrow


lol I finished in 28.75 seconds!

Course i had to change my monitor resolution to 800x600.:smiley:


Originally posted by Harrad
how the hell can those people do it in 6 seconds?

Just an idea, but couldnt you record your mouse movements (using Macro Magic for example) then play your movements back at 500% the speed, then w00t, you have a top score? :lightbulb


Using the above method I did it in 5.698 seconds, but I wont submit it cause that’ll be cheating :thumbsup:


half the bunny took me almost 18 seconds, is that good enough? :shrug:


What the?! Hey, I want my money back!

Ahh well, that’s what I get for cheating :stuck_out_tongue: (You can zip thru the entire track by having another window on top; start the game, and then simply run your mouse over another window instead of the bunny one, and then land back on the bunny window with ur cursor near the finish line… skipping the entire track! The bunny game can’t account for mouse movements ouside of it’s own window :beer: Not that it lets you win though, doh! :cry: )



I give up. Not to mention everytime i click that ‘start’ button, i cursor over back to the beginning and it says i lost already.
They REALLY needa put that ‘retry’ button on the left panel, instead of smack in the middle.


35.862 at 1280x1024 res, and cheats never prosper nor use drugs. Did you never learn anything from the 80’s arcade games, or maybe it’s me being an ol’ duffer…


So anoying