State of the Site, October 2018


Not trying to do ‘anything’. I was hoping I’d missed something better than what I am seeing.

A reduction in banner size will help. That is good to know its pending.
But its too bad the Forum home page needs banners at all. Its a lot of clutter.
Frankly once I’ve glanced at the banner image the ‘first time’ it is now only an obstruction.
I know sponsors and all that yadayada. But it isn’t helping the user experience. I am very sure people are asking
everything and anything in general discussion because they’ve never scrolled down six or seven screen widths
to where the software forums are ‘inserted’ as a sub category.

I know its dry and boring but a simple format like this:
Shows all available topics with much less landscape (2 vertical screen widths).

Banners can show up in other places on the site but they intrude on a page that is supposed to be showing you
many options at once. I could forgive a space at the top for a banner but this is enough.


Is there a way to jump to last comment? It’s no fun to scroll down, wait for posts to load, scroll again etc, especially in longer threads like this one.


Nvm, just found it.


The forum is much inferior to what we had.

More obscure information, much more wasted screen space, more difficult navigation.
Search obviously is currently a disaster.

I just go to a couple of topics when in past would open much more.


I just went to post a topic in the Maya forum. From what I understand, when I’m looking at that forum, the posts should be listed from the latest post going backwards; because the “Latest” sort order/tab on top is highlighted. But the first three posts that I see are from April 2002, Mar 2003, and Jan 2003. I’m really, really confused : / And if I post a topic (thought I posted one asking for help on my question), are others going to see it?

That first post (the first post that comes up from the Latest sort order/tab), from April 2002, I think the forum page (the main Maya fourm page, where these posts are listed and you can click on them to go into the post) showed the last activity on that post as mid Oct. Does that mean that there hasn’t been any other activity in the Maya forum for a month and a half? I can’t imagine that to be the case. I’d imagine there are people posting things every day … no?

Also, the norm is that in a forum, the posts have a date next to them showing when they were posted. I think this would be very helpful. I’m saying this b/c the “Last Activity” isn’t making sense to me … Maya forum couldn’t have gone a month and a half without a post; and how could it be that the last three replies/activity are on posts from 15 and 16 years ago. I stopped even trying to figure out the forum after that : /

My point isn’t to complain … just feedback, in case it helps with user experience.

Ok, I just figured it out … but it does make another point. I figured out that those are Stickies, b/c there’s a pin next to them. So, two things about this:
1). Usually when I see stickies in forums, the Backgrounds/Titles are in a different color … somehow they stick out more easily than other posts. So I think something more prominent, in addition to the pin, would be helpful.

And here’s why just a pin may be easy to gloss over,

2). The symbols that are around the site aren’t necessarily intuitive. The first time that I posted something on this new site, it took me a while to figure out how to upload a picture along with my post. The thing is … once you’re an adult, you forget what it’s like to be a kid … so sometimes we don’t relate to why kids have a hard time learning or what would help them learn (that’s when we resort to … “duh, why doesn’t he/she get it?”). Once a person knows what these symbols are, sure, they then make sense or then seem “intuitive”. But the real test is whether someone new can navigate around easily. Today I saw the symbol on the top right that looks like a heart-rate wave. Clicking on it, I found that it’s for notifications. I don’t really get the connection or the relation : / There’s a cloud with three dots next to it (I haven’t clicked on it yet) … I’m guessing, without having clicked on it, that it’s to make a comment? But I’m already wondering … where would that comment go? comment on what? B/c usually you make a comment on a forum or on someone’s photo or work, etc. So I wonder where a general button like that would lead to.

Again, just giving user experience feedback.

Sorry, and one last thing to add to other posts/feedback above … the thing that confused me when I looked at the Maya forum (I realized now), is that all the posts on that first screen (before scrolling down) were all Stickies. I didn’t know that before because I couldn’t see any other posts on the screen other than the stickies, so not having the context of seeing other posts below (and not having something prominent to show them as stickies) made me think that these were a part of the normal posts and that something was wrong with the forum. The feedback above about the font sizes (and even dead space around each result; so just the formatting) being too big, resulting in fewer results being visible on the screen relates to this.


The Stickies have always been at the top, just like every other forum ever.

I don’t think that’s a valid concern, though I do agree that the vertical space is very poorly-used.


Ive detected a pattern.
I’ve told the site to ‘remember me’ and ‘auto log’ me in every time I come here.

However this site never picks up on ‘remember me’ the initial time I come here on a given day.

I have to leave entirely and come back to the site again (from google).

NOW I am logged in.

Specs again:
Google Chrome Linux (CentOS)


Stop using Chrome? I can’t imagine CentOS is so terrible that itself is the issue, but it’s really not the site’s fault that your browser can’t manage its credentials. I’ve never had that issue on my end, even before the site conversion, using Firefox.


Could also be a setting to kill all cookies after browser (window) close.

@Travis minor nitpick, posts get an annotation like “latest by (time)” Shouldn’t that be “Latest by (artist nickname)?” Or Latest could be “last post (4hours)”?

I find the tiny font in this composing box really hard to manipulate…


True that. I’ll give it a shot since no one else sees this.
EDIT: Nada.
But I cannot ignore that my studio’s firewall could be to blame. It just didn’t do it with the old site.
Google chrome is what we are doing most of our stuff with so Firefox is more trouble thatn its worth just for this site.,


A few issues FYI:

  • I’m occasionally getting a 500 error when trying to access the main forum page
  • when accessing the 3dsmax subforum from the main forum page, i’m getting a ‘network error’ page fairly often (too often)
  • when I log in (for some reason I need to log in every now and then), the page that is meant to open after logging in doesn’t exist - I’m always getting a ‘this page doesn’t exist’ error


I confirm these issues. Often clicking on “New Threads” on the main page ends with an error, then a Refresh makes it pull up just fine. It feels like the server(s) aren’t terribly reliable, or something similar. Or maybe they’re just working on the site in realtime instead of using a proto-site? Who knows.


Can you shed some light on advanced search development state?


advanced search should be up and working sometime in Janaury. its being worked on now.

500 errors are being fixed as well thanks for listing what you are experiencing

What, is the CGTalk finally dead?

Not sure but it looks like the ‘latest thread’ shown is not up to date on the main forum page. It would be just great if it would show the actual state.


Search results are still unusable as they still lead to the end of the thread no matter what. :neutral_face: