STASIS - 2D Isometric Adventure Game


CONTACT is one of my favorite novels, and definitely an amazing film! The sound design in the opening scene is just incredible!

Thanks for the compliment…there are quite a few artistic challenges ahead of me-but some really cool things aswell!

Its just little old me doing everything. The voice through the coms system saying “Shit Hawking, are you seeing this?” is also me-although I don’t quite know if I’m capturing ‘war veteran and salvager’. :wink: Im sure there is another voice actor out there who can do a much better job!


this graphics is incredible
full of feeling


You think you could get this put on Steam- I’d check this out.


New video:


Thanks for all of the encouragement guys. :smiley:


This is looking so insanely cool, Chris. I can’t wait to see more.


Thanks Leigh. More is definitely coming! :smiley:


hey guys,

Updates! here we have the INNER AIRLOCK,

The airlock clicks open with a hiss. A silhouetted figure walks into a dark room. The massive rotating door behind him rolls back into place, and seals shut.The airlock clicks open with a hiss. A silhouetted figure walks into a dark room. The massive rotating door behind him rolls back into place, and seals shut.Darkness. Nothing. Maracheck walks forwards. As he does so, a light directly above him turns on. Motion controlled. A computer voice sounds out “Welcome to The Groomlake Research Facility. We know you will enjoy your stay.” Computer screens flicker on showing various PR photos of families on board, scientists working happily, children playing.As Maracheck moves forward the lights continue to turn on infront of him. More computer voices:“Please be aware that we are operating on emergency power.”He continues down the corridor. Comfortable seating on either side of him suggests an airport lobby of some kind. This must be where the important people came in
a company would waste money like this on an entrance for grunts.As he advances, more lights turn on, highlighting security turrets. Shut down. The security systems must not be operating. Good thing too
those turrets would have shredded him. As if reading his mind, the computer voice sounds out an eerie warning.“To ensure that your stay with us is a pleasant one, please remember to follow all protocol. Your safety is our priority.”The lights go off for a second
the sound of an electric generator spinning up again.“Please make your way to decontamination.”“Thank you for your cooperation.”


Dignitaries, VIP’s, and high ranking members of the military all enter through the Arrivals Hall. When fully operational, it showed off the scale and immensity of The Groomlake
but now, it is a hollow shell
an empty cavern. Welcome indeed.


Space brings disease, which in a closed off space ship can quickly lead to death. Therefore, every soul who boards The Groomlake has to be scanned, and cleansed of any pathogens. The X Ray scanner also doubles as a security scanner, preventing unwanted weapons or devices on board. But what happens when there is nobody to turn off the scanners? When quarantine procedures cause a lock down? When the only thing standing between Maracheck, and the salvage of a lifetime, is an air tight metal door?


Man, I am really impressed with what you achieved. Somebody already said that and I will agree, this is what Fallout3 should look like. I wish you all the best with this project and may you finish it soon.


Thanks man. The fact that this is even being spoken in the same breath as Fallout makes me smile to no end. :smiley:




A look at how I’ve been designing the puzzle of STASIS, aswell as a look as a cool gadget that you will have at your disposal… :wink:


The Groomlake:


I got a little bored with just doing backend stuff, so I moved onto another area of the game. I suppose thats the advantage of being a one-man-army…when something gets boring, there are 400 other things to switch to!

Rapid Transport System.

The Groomlakes RTS is a series of trams that link areas of the half-kilometer long space ship together.
Throughout the chapters, Maracheck will be able to explore the ship in any way he wants, using the RTS. Certain areas pieces of the track will not be available immediately, either requiring security clearance, or some other way of bypassing it.

This is a Work In Progress shot of a standard boarding platform. The map on the right will show all the terminals that this specific tram can travel to. A ‘YOU ARE HERE’ board. :wink:


This is some amazing looking stuff, Pyke. I’ve been keeping an eye on your progress for a while and have been very impressed. Loads of atmosphere in that artwork!


I know, right? I still can’t believe it’s just a single person working on it and that it’s actually a playable game in some way or another. It looks far too polished.


Thanks guys. :wink: Its been a really fun project so far! Im working in the map for the Rapid Transport System. Its quite a bit more difficult than I thought to get something that looks functional-but still cool!
I was looking at the LCARS MDS graphics from Star Trek-and while they are awesome, when I look at the size of the ship Im doing (city sized!), its really quite difficult. Those all have awesome detail, that just get lost when I zoom out to 1280x720.

I think I have a cool idea tho…just need a few more hours of playing around to see if it will work!


Love the new stuff and the video; very good at setting the mood (love the breathing and nothingness surrounding you). The render of the Groomlake is nice… I would buy a print of that.


Thanks man. Breathing is me with a mic down my throat, and pitched waaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Im having a ton of fun doing the other aspects of the game, apart from ‘just’ the graphics. Dont know if i’m brave enough to tackle music…but you never know. :wink:


Just posting to let you know the obvious; it’s looking great :slight_smile: