starwars character: watto



as trying zbrush, and as a break from miss AL, took some time doing this.

hehe, still have some problem with generating displacement map though. it crashes whenever I hit ‘create displacement map’.

used zbrush, on a completed model from 3D max6… hoping this will animate nicely with the displacement.

some clothings are coming soon.

FYI, I’m not a big fan of starwars though. picked this character only because I bought a cheap plastic toy from a dollar store by chance. hehe thus, some part of this might be not matching that well to the original design.

C&C and zbrush tips please~ :smiley:



great modeling so far… don’t got anything to crit. right now. give us an updaaate:):thumbsup::thumbsup:


Looks cool. Texturing should add alot to this character.



thnx guys.

here’s a shot from the recent renders I’m doing for my next reel.

cheers, :smiley:



Hey Songh, as far as I know your stuff, I pretty much get the feeling, that this is gonna be HUGE! I love your precision/style/stuff! That’s why I have you among my favourite artists in my links on my web site :thumbsup:

Keep the TOP NOTCH stuff up dude, looking fwd to some updates! :bounce:


Amazing as always! Keep it up! Which renderer did you use to make the displacement?


I used 3dsmax6 displacement modifier. :slight_smile:

rendering was done with brazil with its SSS.

Thank you!


-Hwasup Song


Looking very nice Song, I like the last render, it looks like it’s a statue.

No crits.



there’s too much unorganic detail to the model, don’t make exces of the tools zb has.
just add 2 or three goodlooking wrinkles here and there and that’s it.


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