Startup Boot Custom Video Splash


Hello there
Please guide me to the right forum for this post

First… I have a clean image for Raspberry Pi 2b of openelec 5.0.5 that I have tested and are still testing this on.

I have seen a lot of cool boot splash and video splash screens, but did not get any of them to work perfect.
I am using samfisher splash video right now when testing: samfisher SplashVideo

This is the challenges I have right now:
Want a clean boot splash screen with one video or image to show before kodi’s menu appear
Right now I see three boot screens
Openelec - (image)
Kodi - (image)
How can this be improved?

PS. I have tested to add my own splash video but only image will work with
this and you will get two images. first YOUR image then the KODI image.
I use putty to set read write on the flash folder and filezilla to copy the oemsplash.png
in putty I run this command:
mount /flash -o remount,rw
in FileZilla I copy my “oemsplash.png” image from the PC to the /flash folder
reboot the raspi
startup video