Starting into the industry as a 18 year old in high school


Hi everyone, my name is Scott. I’m currently 18 years old, and a senior in a high school located in the suburbs of Detroit. A little background information on me, is that i’ve been animating for about 5 years now, starting in Mine-I-Mator (A minecraft animation program) then going into Cinema 4D after a couple weeks of that and using Cinema 4D for a couple years. I am now learning AutoDesk Maya, which I heard is industry standard, and it’s my favorite program so far to use. I come from a mid class family, but I have a terrible GPA in high school currently, and I believe it limits my options for college greatly. I’m probably going into a community school to start, and then possibly transfer into another college or an internship of some kind. But, I have no idea what I need to do or where to do it. Can anyone help me with getting started in the industry of 3D animation? I believe its my calling in life, and any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.