Starting a 3d animation studio


Hello everyone

I prepared my animation company for the past 2 years. I previously hired a freelancer company to build a short 3 minutes animation for my project presentation. Now, I want to start my own animation studio with my own staff. Lets say 1 episode would last about 22 minutes and would have the quality of (paw patrol, inspector gadget, the chipmunks).

How much staff approximitly would I need if I our time limit is 1 full year with a production of 12 episodes of 22 minutes each. ?

This information would help me setup a year budget for producing 12 episodes. Atleast approximitly



I’m sorry I really really don’t mean disrespect or something but honestly, if you have to ask such basic thing like that are you sure you are ready to run animation studio with stuff?
Do you have enough experience to know everything that goes not only into production but all the management as well?
From running studio administration, human resources and all up to hardware and software needs.
What software do you plan to use, how do you plan to render out final animations, renting render farm sor building your own. If building what render engine… and this rendering part is almost at the end of production with a ton in between.
Again no disrespect but there ais a lot more in running animation studio and any other company as well then just how much many is needed to make this or that.