Start-Stop move object


I need to make a script :
when the button is pressed - starts the movement of the object,
when the button released - stops the movement

I did it with a checkbutton,
but this is a bad idea, the checkbutton must be pressed twice

with a button no way to use release button

Is there a way to do this:
pressed the button - move
released the button - stop

for movement used this:



Use a .Net button instead:

	rollout RO_TEST ""
		dotnetcontrol bt_test "Button" height:24
		fn GetButton args =
			case args.Button of
				(args.Button.Left)  : "LEFT"
				(args.Button.Right) : "RIGHT"
				(args.Button.Middle): "MIDDLE"
		on bt_test MouseDown sender args do print ("Mouse Down -> " + GetButton args)
		on bt_test MouseUp sender args do print ("Mouse Up -> " + GetButton args)
	createDialog RO_TEST


for tasks like this I usually used the imgTag rollout control which has UP and DOWN button events


Great! Thanks!
This is what I need!