Start Here! Fundamentals of Environment Design Course (Rules, Details)


Fundamentals of Environment Design Course – with Blizzard’s David Harrington
Sponsored by Corel Painter
Nov 5 – Dec 3, 2018

Learn to create some amazing environments and win some prizes along the way!
CGSociety is teaming up with Corel Painter to offer you this free course to teach you the fundamentals of environment design with Corel Painter 2019. Brought to you by Corel, Wacom, and CG Master Academy.

Corel Painter is the industry standard for 2D digital art studio painting. Designed for professional and aspiring artists on Windows and Mac, Painter 2019 now delivers an all-around more enjoyable user experience with a range of enhancements, including stunning visual improvements and modern UI; significant speed and performance boosts; and a collection of all-new brushes to inspire greatness.

David Harrington is a senior environment concept artist working in the game industry. His clients include companies like Blizzard and Riot Games. His credits include Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, and Hearthstone.

This course will explore the fundamentals of environment design using Corel Painter. David will be covering topics such as research and reference gathering, sketching, design, composition, lighting, blocking, color, texture, and how Corel Painter allows all these different elements to work together in a full scene, through Painter use cases, workflow, and how it can be used to design excellent environments. Get your free trial of Corel Painter 2019 here. (Consider downloading on Nov 4 to get the most of your 30-day trial during the course.)

Each week in November there will be a pre-recorded lecture video demonstrating a specific technique or principle, followed by a short assignment, and finally a live Q&A webinar session with the instructor at the end of the week. Learn some new skills, create an awesome piece, win some prizes.

And it’s all free.

At the end of the four weeks, we’ll be giving away the latest version of Corel Painter 2019 licenses, Wacom tablets, and CGMA class/discounts to three winners based on participation and excellence. Are you ready?

Course Outline:

Week 1: Research and Reference
Find the reference images that inspire you and help convey your idea in your mind. Get organized. Maybe start some loose exploration sketches and thumbnails.

Week 2: Sketches Design Composition
Find the composition of your image, start with small sketches and thumbnails to flesh out your idea and design. Bring your line art sketch to near final.

Week 3: Value, Lighting and Rendering (Maybe Color Comps)
Establish the lighting of your image in greyscale. Block in all the values in your image. At this point start some color thumbnails.

Week 4: Final Color and Illustration
Finalize your rendered image by adding color, finalizing lighting and value structures and adding texture. This is the time to polish and make your image sing!

To Sign Up/Register:
Make sure you’re logged in to your account or create an account, and introduce yourselves here.

To View the Q&A:
The Week 2 webinar will be on Sunday, Nov 18 @ 7pm PST. We changed platforms to ensure better quality, so please sign up for the webinar with the new host here! The Week 1 Q&A replay is viewable here.

General Rules:
The course is international. You can participate and contribute from any part of the world.

Images containing violence, pornography or any other inappropriate or offensive content may be disqualified and removed from the challenge. The CGSociety administration and the judges of the challenge reserve the right to decide whether your submissions follow the rules.

For best chances in winning, participate in as many WIP/homework assignments as possible.
Must be logged in to participate & view the course content: lectures and Q&A sessions.

Only 1 final entry per person and no group entries or collaborations are allowed this time. All entries must be new and created for this particular challenge; no re-working of older pieces.
Final entry must be included in your portfolio to be considered for a prize.

Prize winners will be selected based on excellence of final submission and ability to follow direction.
You are required to post WIP/assignment images as you go along, so your fellow artists (and possibly the instructor on select assignments for the Q&A) can give feedback or/and learn from your techniques.

There will be a forum topic for this course, including a thread for each week’s assignments, an introduction thread, and the final piece submissions thread. Post your WIPs into the assignments thread for the appropriate week.

If you post your work into the final thread without showing WIPs you may be ineligible for prizes.
A thread for submitting final work will be created closer to the deadline.

Final image resolution: 1200px minimum please.

November 5th – December 3rd, 2018. Follow along with the weekly course, assignments, and feedback to plan, create, and polish an impressive work of art.

23:59 Pacific Standard Time, December 3rd (MONDAY), 2018

Winners will be announced Monday, December 10th, 2018!


1st Place

+Corel Painter 2019 License & Ultimate Brush Bundle (USD$2348 Value)
+Wacom Cintiq Pro 13
+1 - CGMA class

2nd Place

+Corel Painter 2019 License & Ultimate Brush Bundle (USD$2348 Value)
+Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet
+50% off of 1 - CGMA class

3rd Place

+Corel Painter 2019 License & Ultimate Brush Bundle (USD$2348 Value)
+Wacom Intuos Small Tablet (Pistachio color)
+30% off of 1 - CGMA class


FREE Fundamentals of Environment Design Course - with Blizzard's David Harrington

How do I sign up? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! Sign up is simple - just make sure you’re logged in and introduce yourselves here. Any other questions, feel free to post in the Help thread. Thanks!



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