Starship of some sort



I’ve been doing architectural stuff quite a lot recently, and just wanted a change, so I bashed a few primitives together at the weekend to create something different. It’s not really influenced by anything in particular, other than the decades of sci-fi I’ve got knocking around in my skull.

I’ve no real idea where this is going to go, but I’ll keep updating this thread as I go along.

Any comments and critique are very welcome.




A small update - worked on the engines and some of the rear wing areas. Remodelled the bridge and added a couple of lights as an experiment.



A bit more work on the engines.


I like it, very 80s/early 90s. The greeble detailing is cool in a nostalgic sci-fi way of the style of film spacecraft when I was growing up.

Just gotta resolve that “rudder” with something cool and needlessly busy now :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think the 80s / 90s look is what I’m going for - none of this smooth clean rubbish!

I’m trying not to add too much greebling, but I really do like the stuff (Star Destroyer, anyone?). So something cool and needlessly busy coming right up!

I’ll post an update as soon as I can - my graphics card failed last night so I’m reduced to a 5-year old one until the replacement arrives (hopefully in a couple of days).



I’d go back even further. It looks like something that might have been seen in Spade 1999, which is 70s.

Nice work so far. Looking forward to how it progresses.


Hey man,

Nice work so far!

I think it might help to add a few details that might hint as to how big it is. Maybe some hatches or windows that show how big it is compared to a human.

It really does look like some of the models from vintage scifi movies. I think this would look great with a dusty grey paint job and harsh spot lighting. :stuck_out_tongue:



It looks similar to the passenger ship in the movie Pitch Black. Might check that out.


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