"Stars of Call" space simulation between Elite-like and RTS


Hi all,

I’m currently on a project that will be a crossover between Elite-like and RTS. The player will be a ship’s captain and will fare between settlements in space as in an Elite-like, with a simplified interface showing the current stellar system and enabling to give high-level orders to the ship.

The game will be based on the Hoshikaze 2250 universe I’m writing for some time. unfortunately, the 850-pages site is all French, so sorry for English-only people, never found enough time to translate it :frowning: The physics is realistic, with acceleration piloting and real orbital data, but adapted for action, with hyperspace, warp drives and shields.

The Phase 1 game will be a freeware, developped in 6 months (01/2006 to 06/2006) with a 4-6 team. I’ll be limited to playing in one stellar system, chosen at character creation, and to 2D orbital coordinates, but display will be full-3D. For more information, you can refer to the GDD, which is available at :

The 1.02 version is quite final. The 1.03 is under work. It’ll feature more details on AI and missions, and will address the technical issues of internal engines and data structure. Also, I’m eager to get remarks, comments and critics on it, it makes things move !

After Phase 1, we intend to :

  • Fix any bug that would have escaped through testing,
  • Expand dataset to the full-fledged Hoshikaze 2250 universe,
  • Expand features to full-3D stellar systems and more detailed ships and objects,
  • Make Phase 2 shareware with non-hyperspace demo and hyperspace-unlocking registration,
  • If Phase 2 is successfull, go ahead to full commercial…

The project is part of a general Hoshikaze 2250 project, that might include a full line of products around this universe, including printed products or goodies.

We are currently 2 in the team : myself as game designer and project manager, and a 3D artist. We are looking for at least a programmer, as I’m not fluent enough with coding for the timeline we’ve thought of, another 3D artist bent on spaceships and stations, and maybe a 3rd 3D artist and a musician.

We would like the team members to be French and live near Paris, to take real-world meetings, as I’m not good enough at management to try an all-internet project. Also, I currently use VB.Net and Delphi with TV3D for 3D coding and I would like the programmer to follow at least one of these choices. But these conditions are not imperative, personnality and involvement count more than formal conditions.

If anyone is interested :thumbsup:


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