Starfish umbrella, RIGGING DEMO link, Patryk Habryn (3D)


Wow, really nice. I love it!


really good man! i love the tentacles render and the star!

which shader did u use? the transparent blue part on the tentacle looks really good


almagesto - Thanks. It’s combination of misss fast skin, mia material and blinn with sampler info. :slight_smile:


This is brilliant!
Frontpage and award for this guy.


Lovely characters, the rig is just great!
Any books or dvd suggestions to learn advanced rigging?


I agree with Luki,
I mean this is extraordinary, top row. Something you dont see often. I’m shocked why it’s not plugged on frontpage. Wish to see more like this!


Absolutely amazing rig!!!


Fantastic rigging system, great resulting image and I thoroughly enjoyed your Vimeo video.

(I even enjoyed your choice of music…)


Love it a lot!! Super cute!


:argh: fantastic!!!

very well done!!!
the fellows said everything!


Amazing…design and composition are great, followed by beautiful textures, lighting and shaders. Any chance you´re doing a making of eventually?
by the way the rigg is cool too:buttrock:.

Keep the great work.


Very Very nice job


Color work is very nice and reasonable

I enjoyed the To See …

good luck


Great! :bounce:

Can you share with us how you painted it?


That must have been a great experience!!! :applause:
this Visual elements so so funny :applause: !fantastic works! :applause:


great textures!!!, beautiful.


Really cool, congratulations.

how did you get that semi transparent shader located in the edges, it’s cool


It’s just great man, I love the subsurface scattering (it is sss right?) and above all things I like very much the color palette. It’s just a suggestion but I would have changed the color of one of the two characters because they’re pretty much the same color, it’s just my opinion. The characters are really funny and the particles floating around gives it a nice environment. Great job!


heh…to sie dopiero nazywa pozytywnie naladowany render :wink:

amazing render…perfect on every aspect


Perfect work!!!:beer: