Starfish umbrella, RIGGING DEMO link, Patryk Habryn (3D)


Title: Starfish umbrella, RIGGING DEMO link
Name: Patryk Habryn
Country: Poland
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Probably I should wrote NSFW in the title (poor starfish). Jellyfish avoiding snow marine with starfish umbrella. Starfish and jellyfish characters modeled with Maya and ZBrush. Rendered with mental ray.

If You interested in rigging demo:

Thank You for watching!


haha hilarious :applause:


awesome. really well done


Thanks matte!

Rig Demo

 And screens from Maya


Love IT :buttrock:


It’s really Nice Patryk, I like your shaders so much.


I enjoy very much watching your image and rigging video… really funny, and great shaders and textures… congrats


OOH,i love it,really clean and cute render,did you do animation?anyway i wish i could have rendering skill like this one day…


Haha, I loved the rigging video. You can really make some funny cartoon animation out of this.
I too love the shaders and the final pic.

You’d have to let us know if you’ll do an animation.


Thanks! It was fun to make this rig and scene.

Seijiro, raoof - I’m sure I won’t do animation with those characters right now. :slight_smile:


ah ah really well done,i like it :cool:


Absolutely terrific :thumbsup:


Excellent work on shading and render dude. brilliant :thumbsup: it would be awesome to see the shading setup


I love this.


Great idea, love the colors, really sweet :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


I won’t say “amazing technique” and stuff, you know that lol. But this guys are genius, i mean you got a very nice character here, something really fascinating, that we don’t see often. Wonderful idea and even better drawing. It feels cinema-like. Pixar style. Cheers :wink:


Thanks again! I’m glad You all like it.

SuperHero - I will put some screens from setup for lighting and shaders on my blog. So stay tuned :wink:

jnunes10 - wow, thank You! I’m pleased to read this.


just perfect.


so cute :love:
i really love it, great stuff !


nice work.