Hey guys i was just wondering on how to create a generic star field and a lens flare, i found some instructions for xsi 2.0, but im working with 3.0 and icant seem to upgrade the directions.
any help would be apreciated
thank you much


For the starfield:

Render>Pass>Edit>Current Pass.
Click “Environment Shaders” then “Add”
Select Legacy Night.
Click the “Ground” tab and check “No Ground”

For the lens flares:

Select the camera
Open it’s property page
Select the “Lens Shaders” tab.
Click Add.
Select “Flare” or “Starburst Flare”
Add your lights to the list.


unfortunatly i cant seem to find the “current pass” option under Render>Pass - Edit>Current Pass.
thanks for the prompt reply


Look on the side panel in the render section, not in the menu at the top of the interface.


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