StarCatcher mk. XIV, David Louis (3D)


Title: StarCatcher mk. XIV
Name: David Louis
Country: Canada
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop


I created this picture when trying to find an atmosphere and a design for an upcoming short film. The Starcatcher mk. XIV is the last of an unsuccessful serie of star catching machine. The idea was to merge a huge telescope with a powerful beam tractor.

Modeling texturing and lighting done with maya/mentalray, clouds are generated with maya fluids and some plants done using ivy generator.
Final compositing done in fusion.

All crits and comments are welcome !
Hope you like it !


nice work. i really like the details


Well I think this is a wonderful work. The only problem I have with it is that I didn’t make it
It’s awsome man, very well crafted piece.


Awesome, it’s a terrific piece, well balanced in all areas especially the lighting.


greate telescope ! i like it !


amazing pic


sorry i dont have a critique
this piece is very awesome and amazing, hohohoho
good concept


Excellent piece. Caught my eye straight away. Love the composition and the colours, and generally, just that abandoned otherworldly feel that you’ve managed to transmit. Keep up the good work!


Lovely fine style with poetic mood. Sky colours remind me on baroque landscapes. Beautiful! :arteest:


Beautiful render Shadow2000! :thumbsup:


Well done, nice image.


Only point of crit would be the ivy. The leaves seem a bit big and it looks a little flat. Other then that, the composition, ambiance, color combination, model… its all awesome.


wow amazing work very good

1- detalis
2- color
3- light
4- look
but :
your work look like the art , hes need the reallty i thing is very good ok

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:


Excellent work;)


Thank you guys for your comments !

mnoire: I agree with you about the ivy plants, the output mesh was not catching light as expected during final render :frowning:
I like the process how ivy is working but thinking about dynamic and wind will push me to use paintfx instead.


I love the mood of the picture - nice colors.


COOL cool cool …good work


i love this work… invokes such a feeling… awesome mood and lighting and composition




Delicious idea with that coal cart… Just pity it`s not a narrow gauge self-powered steam vehicle:P L-o-v-e such atmos… And envy a bit your succesful color concept, even though I personally prefer a bit more contrasty settings. Congrats…


Very cute and dreamy

Awesome style :slight_smile:

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