Star Wars Kid - Matrix Video


Hey guys-

I’m really searching for one of the star wars kids videos. It was a matrix style vid and there was some 3d animation in it. I found one, but it’s just a crappy composite. Any ideas?


Hmmm, no idea:D




Not the best cg, but still funny nonetheless


That was awesome!


That was freakin’ awesome. I liked the Burly Brawl Scene. Too bad the kid’s on the verge of suicide. Maybe this will cheer him up. I wouldnt mind people dedicating websites and animations to me for some crappy video I made a long time ago.


god… why isn’t he just milking this for all it’s worth like william hung, rather than going into therapy? turn his weakness into strength, money, and probably lots of cool photoshotos with babes, talk show appearances, probably events too. he needs to get himself a manager. he could be raking it in.


quoted for agreement.

if you are listening Star Wars kid…we love you. milk it.


I heard a rumor that people started a petition (think I spelled that right) to get the Star Wars kid to appear in the Star Wars: Episode 3 and that George Lucas agreed to do it but the kid has become so desturbed by all these videos that he said no. Any truth to all this??



I sure hope that kid gets a part in the next movie. I remember signing the petition about a year ago. I will be very disapointed if he’s not in the next movie. Sh#t, that will make up for the last two just to see him for a couple of seconds.


Star Wars kid is just sooooooooo last year dahling…

It’s Kill Bill kid now…

(This isn’t mine, I didn’t do it, I found it on here ages ago and found it so funny I saved it to my hard drive. Kudos to ‘pippy’ :thumbsup: )


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