Star Wars - Kazdan Paratus, Manny Llamas (3D)


Title: Star Wars - Kazdan Paratus
Name: Manny Llamas
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop, XSI

Little about Kazdan if you are unfamiliar with the character:
Jedi Master Kazdan Paratus from StarWars: The Force Unleashed.
Kazdan was an engineer savy Jedi. With his expertise in robotics he crafted four mechanical limbs to aid him in combat.
After order 66, he took refuge on Raxus Prime. A junk planet which allowed him to build unlimited amounts of droids.
In his 16 year exile Kazdan became insane on Raxus and built a replica of the fallen Jedi temple, including junk forged statues of the members of the Jedi council whom he conversed with in his madness.
Modeled and rendered in XSI, textured and paintedover in Photoshop.


wao. awesome art work. :slight_smile:


looks good mate


beautiful rendering :wink:


Looks nice,nice composition,interesting!


Really nice work. Thanks for adding the character details, as I am unfamiliar with this character.


awesome work. Lighting and rendering looks great. Your description of the junk Jedi temple made me wish this image took place there :slight_smile:


good design…i love the work color !


niiiice! very nice!


very nice Manny, as always -

… so he uses a blue light saber, interesting. :wink:


LOL i love his face!

He looks cute, evil lil smile

Great work mate!

  • Ty


Cool render! I really like the lighting and texturing, it all fits together very nicely!


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