Star Wars: conversion gone mad


takes a realy long time to load here…


Totally awesome!


holy crap…that must be the lamest, nerdiest, most chick repelling car on the face of the earth!!!

Yeah, that guys gettin some…lmao!!!


No its not. I hope that guy is already married or something cause, yeah I can’t see him scoring many chicks with that thing. Ehh but on second thought its kinda cool in some ways. You know what, more power to the guy for saying “Hey I’m a Star Wars dork and proud of it.”

So yes I say…Totally awesome too. :shrug:


Truely nerdy. I expect to see this pimp’n ride cruise’n on in to DragonCon at the end of the month. All the Klingon women will be all over this guy!!! If only my little Honda could be converted into an X wing…


nice, the ultimate geek machine. Maybe Lucas will put this in EP 3


What?!? Are the Klingon women going to kill him or something? I didn’t thing Trekkies/Trekkers got along with the Star Wars crowd.

I just wonder how many parcecs are on this beast, all I know is I wouldn’t pay one crumpled Credit for that thing. Yikes!


hehe… good job guys. you killed their site by linking to it here! :slight_smile:


wow what a dork, reminds me of Triumph asking “and which one of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?”


Any young Ladies at a Star Wars convention would totally be all over that!

A Leia-Magnet, If I ever saw one! :buttrock:


Of course if the magnet is strong enough,you could still pick her up thanks to her her ‘Golden Bikini’ suit :wink:


I got a Star Wars spolier for him… he’ll die alone.


lol…okay okay my turn. I’m sure on friday nights he pulls a “Han Solo”. :scream:


As long as he doesnt have standards, he’ll be fine. :thumbsup:


Haha, that’s exactly what I thought of.


i actually saw this car at the fry’s in manhattan beach. it’s pretty funny seeing this thing on the road.


can you imagine how many times he’s had to explain to the police that the “blasters” on the side don’t work.


Hot Hot Hot!


He shoulda just put R2 in the passenger seat. Not like it’ll be occupied by a woman.


very nice!