Star Wars fans may be interested in this!!!


They probably started working on it right after Jurrasic Park, then again why does it look so bad? :slight_smile:


Man, the Jabba comparison is shocking. The old one looks like pac-man in comparison to the new one. Well, if they are intent on leaving that scene in, I’m thrilled they updated it. Did they do this with some of the Jabba scenes in ROTJ?

I can understand both schools of thought concerning the old vs. the young Anakin in the last shot. I can see this debate breaking off into another thread.


Did they do this with some of the Jabba scenes in ROTJ?
All of the Jabba scenes in ROTJ are untouched. He’s the same, good ole Jabba he always was! :wink:


Another pic from DVD

And I found this over at forums. One big happy family lol


Here’s a gif of the newly redone shot of Han stepping on Jabba’s tail. It is an astonishing improvement over the '97 SE shot.

2004 DVD:

1997 SE:

I swear, that Jabba from the '97 SE must be an embarrassment for ILM. They must have thrown that thing together in about 20 minutes. Ick!!!


man, look at those colors! huge improvement.


Did i miss something? Where are u guys seeing all of this? What trailer. Where’s the link?

Link Please


Yeah, I’m amazed at how you guys find this stuff. The color correction in the revamped Jabba scene is really well done.


god damn it,when will they stop correcting and remaking the old trilogy?i’ve got a plenty of versions in my house and this new DVD will be add to them :banghead: the quality is much much much better than the 97 version


There is no OFFICIAL link :wink: :wink:


Jabba looks better, but WTF is he even in the first movie? Doesn’t strike me as the most mobile fellow around.


lol yeah, that Jabba was a shocker looking back on it. Very noticable improvements for the new one though.


I hope when Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi come out on DVD there will be a quick opening with George Lucuas saying “This is it, I promise I won’t update or change the movies ever again. These dvds are all you will ever have to buy.”


Jabba looks better, but WTF is he even in the first movie? Doesn’t strike me as the most mobile fellow around.
The Han/Jabba scene in ANH was a deleted scene from the original, except Jabba was really going to be a huge fat guy.


Although I’m fainting over the fabulous update of Jabba in ANH, you have to remember that CG back in 1997 was a different story. Yeah, sure it looks like it was done in 20 minutes now - but rest assured that it wasn’t a five-minute-job back then.

Besides, the very large audience I sat with back in 1997 seemed to love the inclusion of that scene as it improved the story, the animation too was great for its day.


It didn’t really improve the story that much… he just mostly repeated what Greedo said…


I was always bothered that he looks to be 1/3 rd the size he was supposed to be. I guess “Huts” have an expotential growth rate.


Hmm… I don´t know.

There are two things I don´t like, related to the SE Jabba: he still looks too small when compared to ROTJ, and the whole scene is redundant. All he says we already knew with the Greedo/Han scene. Also, in my opinion it slows the pace of the film.

Anyway, not my intention to start a flame war - just my 2 centavos. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m surprised how constructive this post has been.

Anyhow, I agree with Pentagramma that it doesn’t serve any purpose and may even disturb the pacing of the movie. However, sadly, the geek side of me, likes it. Now, if they can just
authenticate it by having Han glance down when he steps over Jabba’s tail.

Concerning his size, isn’t there a fairly long span between SW and ROTJ? At least a couple of years? Apparently he gets more obese at time goes by.


Whatever happened to the pics?