Star Wars fans may be interested in this!!!


oh my god
NOooooooooooooooooooooooo :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


Retinajoy: You found a dark, sinister piece of info, my friend! It´s really Darth Tyrannus (and there´s a shape-shifter thing with him!).

:argh: :banghead: :argh: :eek:


is that a belt buckle by his head? Is he sitting in an old pontiac or something?


Hehehe. I thought this would shock some of you. :twisted:


you realy did it dude.i was not shocked like this till the last month!!!


what does this prove? with such out dated info?


Re: Macquador.

You knew already, yet you couldn’t tell us?

What happened to you, M? You used to be someone we could trust… :sad:


That´s a nice helmet… :cool:


is there another way i can check out whatever was in the original post?


Here are some production pictures of Darth Vader from Revenge of the Sith from a Star Wars forum.



“Forced to survive on the barren surface of Hoth, we are told, Coren and Vila have learned to live with the Wampas, who are not so much evil as misunderstood. Vila is particularly fond of one young Wampa whom she has dubbed “Christmas” after her favorite holiday. Yes, apparently they have Christmas in the Star Wars universe, complete with Christmas trees.”

“Filling out this slim plot are a couple of musical numbers that occur at a nightclub on Coruscant, featuring the best talent TV could attract circa 1982. Sadly, that talent is a Flock of Seagulls sound-alike band…”

Funny as heck! :slight_smile:


HEHEHEHEHE! Have a look at the review date at the bottom of that Christmas special review. :banghead:

I think Christopher Lees best film was Safari 3000 (where he played Count Borgia with a strange hat. hint hint):slight_smile:

…and back onto a CGI related topic. This is the new Jabba the Hut in the new Star Wars:A New Hope special edition, compared to the previous SE version. Much improved on the previous attempt plus the image regrading looks nice too.


Do you guys think if this is the first time we ever saw darth vaders costume (imagine that the orginaly trilogy didn’t exsist for now), DO you think it looks funny? Or is it cool?


i THINK…ITS still awesome! :slight_smile:


his healmet is the coollest ever.i think it’s very scary.




Is Haiden Christiansen in the vader costume of the new film? There seems to be a big size difference between him and dave Prowse. I guess Vaders been on growth hormones between Reveng of the Sith and A new hope.

He better do some kick ass moves or its gonna be a let down


Re: Kaiten.

Thats a very good question. I reckon it won’t be Hayden, though…tall as he maybe.



I knew the pictures existed. I just didnt know if CgTalk would allow them to be posted.



There are other pictures out there. That rock as well of Vader