Star Wars fans may be interested in this!!!


EDIT: Pics removed!


Yeah, I know. I’m setting myself up for the usual garbage that gets thrown around on this message board when it comes to Star Wars. And yes, I know jishjosh doesn’t give a shit, even though he always clicks on the links. But I thought you might like to see the restoration work.


Wow, I had forgotten how good it all looked.


This being an effects forum, and the screencaps showing some of ILM and Lowry Digital’s cleanup and restoration, thought you guys might be interested. Then again, I get the impression there aren’t very many Star Wars fans on this board.

Anyway, there they are.


Very clean. Looks like it will be really good. Where did you get them? I’m surprised Lucas released screen grabs this early.

BTW, I think there are plenty of SW fans on this forum…maybe not as many for the new installments.


Wow! - they look great! - I have been wanting to watch the VHS copies again for a while, but when I heard they were coming out on DVD, I decided to wait!

There are plenty of SW fans here, and there are also plenty of whiners who seem to think its fashionable to slag the whole SW thing off now. TPM wasn’t the greatest acheivment in terms of the obvious direction and acting etc. etc., but there is no denying it was still great fun, great action, amazing design and concepts, and stunning CG/live integration.
Personally, I am really looking forward to Episode 111, and I’;d have to be in a pretty negative and cynical state of mind to be dissapointed I think. :wink:


Where did you get them? I’m surprised Lucas released screen grabs this early.

Lucas didn’t release them. Somehow the ROTJ DVD got ripped and put on the net. How I do not know. I just grabbed these from

If you notice in the second cap, the Rancor and Luke have been digitally recomposited. In the fourth pic, they digitally removed Anakin’s eyebrows in the death scene. Makes sense because he is supposedly burned pretty badly in Episode III. The falcon in the scene with Han and Lando has been tweaked, and they’ve been recomposited. The bottom cap is the new Naboo celebration shot that was added to the new ROTJ montage ending of the galaxy celebrating.


I’m pleased they sorted out the Luke/Rancor composite. That always bugged me even at a young age before I got into CGI. Looking forward to the DVD and to the release of Episode 3. I thought Attack of the Clones was great fun and my non sci-fi friendly friends thought it was great too. Ep1 on the other hand… well it had some good bits.


I wonder if that means they will have finally dealt with the 2 things that annoyed me at the time (and ever since)!/ - the black ‘slug’ masks either side of Palpatines face in Jedi that were darker than the film black and stood out terribly!
The god awful Emperor (you know, the one with very puffy eyes) that appeared in the hologram they used in Empire - ie, the one that looks and sound nothing like the Emperor! :slight_smile: - cant believe they didn’t do those when they added all the extra stuff in the SE.


Both those things have been sorted out.


I read they also replaced the ghost-Anakin in ROTJ at the end when the funeral pire burns
with Hayden…


Now why would you go and do such a thing like that?

Are you sure you want to captivate the attention of these “whiners” to this Oh-so invitingly shiny brand new SW thread?:smiley:


its very funny, the effects in star wars hold up so damn well because it was all miniatures, no CG. Since the objects were real, of course they look real 30 years later. long live reality!!!

That said, it is very cool, that was part of the restoration, they are fixing what is a problem with miniatures, the compositing. It was great for the time, but the black outlines and incorrect color are what “ruin” it today. It’s amazing to see what work they are doing on these correction. Impressive…


They look amazing. I had no idea they invested so much work into it.


Carrie fisher was soooo smokin in ROTJ. Damn.


Hmmm…I’m little worried. I love Star Wars and I’m 90% behind the Star Wars special editions - but I’m concerned about work to be done to Empire Strikes Back…

I hope George doesn’t decide to change the stop/go-motion sequences. I’m okay if he adds the odd shot in CG, even maybe edit the following two shots…

  1. Han on his Tawn-Tawn riding & then stoping inside echo-base…the animation seemed to linger too long…always bothered me.

  2. When Obi-wan’s vision fades and Han rides into view. Something not right there.

…but I hope he doesn’t replace it all with CG animation. Its some of the finest animation ever produced and is completely gob-smacking. To replace it would be silly… :hmm:


They did a great job with the restoration :thumbsup:


I remember reading a little while ago that they didn’t add too much CG work… that these aren’t the Super-Duper Special Editions Lucas is planning. maybe I’m mistaken.

I did read a little while ago on Aint-It-Cool-News that they were working on some new all-CG fights between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader in IV to help tie the fighting styles together between the prequels and the originals, but given the source of the info, it was instantly dismissed from my mind until now.

but dang if those re-composites don’t look GREAT! I hope they re-comped all the space battles and Hoth battle too!


That is great to hear! :slight_smile:


Well that IS going a bit far!!? - what’s the point? - will they have replaced Ben with Ewan!?

They have to stop eventually! lol!