Star Wars Fan Fim Poster, Munozvelazquez David Munoz Velazquez (3D)


Title: Star Wars Fan Fim Poster
Name: Munozvelazquez David Munoz Velazquez
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Fanf film poster for a SW:THX short.

I will post a link, if you want is available to download for free the poster full size for printing and also the trailer.



I like it! The composition is nice and the execution as well. Maybe the light on the stormtrooper could have benefited from a stencil (patches of leaves) to break up the lighting a bit, but it’s nothing major.

Well done!

Cobra 6


greatness, love the slightly less saturated look… are the plants and trees 3d also ?



nice… like it :slight_smile:


Damn you dude! hahaha! This is awesome! Usually I don’t like an overcast mood, but you did an impressive work! Five stars and a well deserved award IMO! Congratz!


:applause: Nice work.


Cool work.
Put on your desktop.
The color scheme of the mark.
award. :applause:


Very good work. I love the scout trooper just chilling and the AT-RT behind him in the fog!


Nice image man, makes me want to see the return of the jedi once again! ehhee

Can you show the wires please.


Great piece! lovely choice of colors-- I must agree with bearfoot - the less saturated look did good well in this piece. Keep it up! :applause:


Very nice. Subtle & appealing look, good job.


very cool!


Like i wrote on other forum. Absolutely love it. You caught climate perfectly!


Looks really cool, nice work!


Thanks everyone for the nice words! is a pleasure you like it.
About the saturation is a Photoshop issue on mine looks less saturated and is a bit better, for sure.

    I have no wires because the model is a decimation from Zbrush, I can post  the renders a did when I finished the poster, until now I had to wait  for director permission to publish it. 
  Fan film Trailer can be found here: [[b]STAR WARS fan film trailer[/b]](
  If you want to [b]download for free[/b] a printing size poster here (2100X3000 px)[color=DarkOrange]:[b] [/b][[color=DarkOrange][b]DOWNLOAD POSTER[/b]]([/color][/color]


really great work!! many compliments!!:thumbsup:


Really nice poster!


This is great. It looks like an original star wars movie poster from the back in the day


Awesome work! I just love it. Great composition and amazing details in models and textures. Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


neroart: Thanks a lot! Regards man

Khadyko: Thank you!! :slight_smile:

reverseengineering: Thanks sir, that is what I wanted to look like, at least has something that reminds the old fashion.

Silverwing: Thanks a lot! there is for all of you to download big size. Regards

Thanks everyone!