Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes Are Bringing Legislative Action Down on “Predator


After the resounding unpopularity of the micro-transaction system in Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts may have taken a step back to reassess things, but lawmakers seem poised to make the decision for them. Belgium’s government has reached the conclusion that the boxes are gambling and must be banned, and U.S. lawmakers are trying to push our country in the same direction.


The supposedly free-to-play game Dirty Bomb IS JUST AS BAD as Battlefront II.

You only get access to 3 or 4 character classes in the beginning. The rest you either have to pay hard Dollars for or unlock by playing for an absurd amount of time - probably hundreds of hours to get all of them.

What makes things even worse is that EVERYTHING you can acquire in Dirty Bomb is randomized. So you can pay 100 Dollars of real world money to get lots of great sounding loot boxes, and they are all filled with totally randomized shit. Its literally like playing slot-machines in Vegas.

9 times out of 10 you don’t get the item you really want. You get random items/weapons you don’t need, many of them only usable for characters you don’t have yet, so you pay even more money for a shot at getting something good.

The people who make these games are not game developers. They are money-grabbing CROOKS who pretend to be game developers.

I personally believe that in-game microtransactions should be banned completely.


Clash Royale only allows you to purchase randomized loot boxes to get items. Thats was the #1 grossing app for a while and has been in the top 10 forever. To me that signifies the general casual gaming audience likes loot boxes.

I also have to admit I was a bit addicted to clash royale for a while, and did buy some loot boxes. I liked the mechanic of it. In Clash Royale it works cause if you buy a loot box, they are filled with so much stuff you never feel cheated. As I see it, if the loot boxes did not provide enough added value or added entertainment to the game, people would not buy them. But the financial success of Clash Royale shows that plenty of people found loot boxes worthwhile to purchase.

Clash Royale is also set up where you would have to play for literally 2 years everyday to unlock everything without paying. But honestly it doesn’t harm the game at all, because paying money doesn’t give you an advantage. The game always pairs you with comparable players. The only thing paying money does is potentially bump you up to a new arena and give you some new items to play with. SO paying in essence is only a way to to introduce new content into the game by pushing you up the ladder a bit faster. In this kind of mechanic the ladder must be really really huge.

I would think that Clash Royale’s dynamics would be bad if you could pay to have a consistent advantage over other players. But the way it’s setup makes it not work like that.

So when it comes to battlefront II. Personally the only problem I see with what they did is if they didn’t automatically pair you with similar level players, allowing someone to purchase an advantage over others, making it less fun for other.

When it comes right down to it, it’s just Capitalism. If people don’t find something valuable, they won’t buy it. If EA didn’t balance loot boxes to produce enough added entertainment/value and not annoy other people, it would make the game less valuable and lose money. I really don’t understand the outrage about their mere existence.