Star Trek Discovery? is this for real?


Can someone please verify if this is the legit teaser of Star Trek Discovery?

It looks like a vfx sequence from Babylon 5 days! and that’s an insult to B5! If it is legit, what’s the thinking behind this?



I thought it was a realtime rendered sequence using a game engine from some upcoming Star Trek game. But it looks like it’s not… if this is from the movie then it’s a bit sad to see. What bothers me more is the design of the new Enterprise, what were they thinking ?!

/ Magnus


It maybe a cliché technique of ‘slow-motion begets grand scale’. But the sheer lack of it here -during the mechanical animation and ship launch- makes the USS Discovery look like a ‘dinky-little-toy’…
And everything else looks like a fan film or even ingame cinematics quality wise?!
Not to mention that this is the umpteenth time we’ve seen the ol’ Star Trek U.S.S ‘whatitsname’ ship launch gag for promotion or introduction…seems pretty lame all round so far.


This is for real. It was released at Comic Con. I was also a bit shocked by the CGI quality. I am pretty sure it is not the quality we will see in the show. Still sad they didn’t show something of more quality, especially since this was Comic Con and Trek is celebrating 50 years…


I hadn’t heard the full name of the series yet, I thought it was for an upcoming indie game when I saw it, didn’t realize it was for the show.

It’s probably one of the ugliest ship designs I’ve ever seen, and that’s some fan film from 2002 level CGI.

I’ve been hearing rumors that it isn’t the final design or look hey’re going for (I hope), and I understand they want to reveal something there to generate some press, but I have to wonder who thought a clip like this would drum up excitement for a series as anticipated as this one. Especially in a day when network TV fx work is nearly on par with big budget film.


Yep. The design is a matter of taste and I have to say I kind of like it. But the presentation… But it is in line with the first teaser which only showed some planets and a 90s CGI logo, which they are new using for all press releases. I realy hope they try to reach for the quality production values that stand out shows have these days. Another Enterprise-like disaster might kill the TV franchise for good…


Well it’s not polished, but then again most of us have probably had a few cases where schedules and deadlines weren’t really what we wanted…

As for the ship design, feels like a lot of Klingon design elements combined into McQuarrie’s Enterprise sketches created for the first movie.


That’s what I was thinking. Maybe the first star fleet constructed Klingon craft.


Hmm kaaay…???

Not what I would’ve expected given the serious backing behind this proposed series and also taking into account the historic milestone. So I guess this early reveal is predominantly a case of love it or hate it. Personally I’d propose a hull redesign from it’s delta wing like profile just a tad,.


Personally I like the design, it’s definitely gonna divide people. I appreciate the effort to tie it back to old concepts.

The VFX work however; that doesnt feel like rushed CG, It feels more like a choice of style, as if someone said; make it look like the 90s TNG. Either way, they really want to grab peoples confidence when relaunching this IP (sorry JJ Star Trek just isnt Star Trek for me) and this really doesnt succeed in that. It looks like it was rendered in Truespace version 1.0 with a single point light. Sorry to the guys who worked on this, I know you could have done much better.

On a personal note, i loved Enterprise!! … THERE I SAID IT!!! thats a big weight off my shoulders! finally the road to recovery! :slight_smile:


This reminds me-wasn’t there a ST film Renegades supposed to come on tv…

I read up on it.
It came out–with crowd funded production values, then the ST rights holders came out with fan film guidelines that forced them to change all the characters so as not to link it with Star Trek. Tuvok is now Kovok…


Hmm. Not too excited about that. :confused:
I’ll just leave this here.
Ralph McQuarrie’s designs for the Enterprise


Hehe, look at the face of this guy during this trailer reaction video:

He clearly doesn’t like it :wink:

Stil, I kind of like the basic design (at least it would fit as an experimental ship into post ST6 era that was mentioned as a possible time frame), needs more details and the lighting / rendering isn’t good, but I am pretty sure this will be better in the show.

Just not a smart move to show something this premature at Comic Con after some big announcement and at the 50th aniversary. They should have rather shown some nice conceptual art / paintings or whatever. This animation somehow gives the impression as if this is meant to be from the show, which I just cannot imagine. Realy. No way. Right?


From Everything I’ve looked into and saw from this, after the debut they came back and stated that ‘it wasn’t finished’ and that it was ‘thrown together after 3 weeks of work’. It’s also interesting because there are some rumors that they haven’t gotten final permission to use that design because it was based off something they don’t have the rights to.

I agree that it’s way to angular for most Starfleet designs you see. It will be interesting. Quite a few people I know who do 3D modeling have stated they find it ery generic and amateurish … Given my 1-2 weeks of experience, I thought it looked fine in how it was ‘built’ wise. I don’t know how I feel about it from a fan perspective.


I’m shocked that their internal staff never discussed how terribly that name shortens out. Star Trek Discovery… STD. You know that this is going to be the source of many jokes if the show stinks.


It’s a conspiracy!


It’s not terrible per se, just kind of simple and static in terms of lighting.

There’s also something to be said of the garrish color choices. But I think they’re trying to pay tribute to some versions of the original Enterprise:

The gold color is very hard to work in this case - gold spaceships are usually associated with cheap B-Movies… :stuck_out_tongue:


not bad for a video game or animated TV show


wow that was bad. at 44sec: I never knew that switching on a spotlight makes a “whoosh” sound (let alone in space). If you only get something like this till the trailer deadline, better to show nothing imho…



I agree. Its like one of those bogus ‘official trailers’ thats a fan film in reality. I too question if this is really real… :curious: