Star cruiser wip


I still need to tweak the lighting and material to get rid of the plasticky look :slight_smile:




Scrap the specularity channel. unless you have a specular colour map which I don’t think you do, and then go into the lumnance channel and add the SLA Lumas shader to it. turn on anistropic, which you should use on specularity 2 and 3, make the diffusion slightly lower than your main colour, 3 slightly higherthan your main colour, than two higher than your 3 colour, and 1 should be slightly yellowish or maybe green (for this I think yellow would be better. Adjust sizes to fit your needs. that should help. are you using blinn? You should, and if it is an older dirtier ship turn the diffusion channel on and get some nosies fused togeter to make a little dirt, and maybe some dirtynuts.

Outher than the plastic feel, the model is looking good


Thanks Kai :thumbsup:

Here an image I made today with some photoshopping.

The original is heaps brighter and does not have any of the nasty transparency areas :slight_smile:

Now I am going to go and do it all over again with your tips :slight_smile:




Hey Kiwi,

  That's a really good ship, Kiwi!    It's looking pretty good so far,   what's the resolution of the color map?     I can see you have some skills in photoshop to compliment it.

As for the Specularity, I can see why you would want to keep a bit of it, but I would perhaps widen it out and lower the height… maybe that’ll work.

Keep it up!


I remember what this reminds me of now!

If anyone remembers Star Fleet Battles. the Firehawk design (not the SFC version, but the original…)

I like it :smiley:


Kaiskai can think ahead a few moves can’t he?

That’s a great ship.

The one gripe I have with a lot of sci fi shows is the depth of the shadows the ships have. On the arts channel I’m watching footage of the space station, higher contrast lighting, hard shadows that are very transparent blues and so forth. I usually don’t like using enviroment lighting but it might work well here.


Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Adrian the map is about 2100 x something I cant remember.Because it didnt need any color I just converted it to greyscale and the file size goes way down when you do that :slight_smile: I am also using BP3d to set up the maps.What I do is rip the uv the way I want it set up then carefully paint around say all of the engines on a separate layer and paint them solid green,then take say the wings on a new layer and paint them orange,and so on.If I have some tricky areas I will paint in some highlights for guides on the model in the 3d window,then file save as a PSD export to PS and start work :smiley:

Ya I do know my way around PS pretty well,I am also a PS mod on a friends board

Thanks Grey…I was actually racking my brain trying to come up with a semi new looking design,but damn thats hard to do now

Caravaggio ooooh ya Kai knows his way around art and C4D and 3D really well

Thanks for the compliments.

I agree about the shadows etc as well.But if a ship was really in space and we were veiwing it would we really be able to see that much of it?,even if it was in the suns field?

I have about 4 new prototype renders after the one above now guys.I dont have a site and a 50k pic wont do it justice so I am about to go and post it on another forum I am part of that has a higher upload limit,so I will come back and post the link for you guys,and please tell me what you think :slight_smile:



Damn maxed out on the smilies again…hahahaaaa.


Here we go

Kai gets all the credit for the metal transformations though :thumbsup:



Ooooo, pretty.


geezyou guys are makin me blush all to heck. great work, looks fantastic. Don’t worry you may get an emai from me in a few days when I rack myself on some stupid issue with Photoshop. Painting BG’s startin tonight. gotta get scanning, but really like the last render.


Thanks Caravaggio :slight_smile:

Cheers Kai…this time I remembered to set shadows in Mojoworld…dooooh!!! :hmm:

I have also made some tweaks to the metal settings you gave for me my Dragon skin,it looks really good,but it took and hour to get quarter of the way through the render and the heavier stochastic areas were still to come,so I will render while I am pushing up Zs I think :slight_smile:

Kai I had an idea if you give me an idea of the colors and the landscape you are wanting I can make a color preset palette for you,should speed things up a bit if you like? Just let me know if you want me to make one,I already have a small one for landscape painting :thumbsup:



Ahhh colours and palettes aren’t the issue( tonnes of colour theory) the styles is simple and graphic, all scenes will be monotone hues, so basicaly if a scene is red, the entire background is different tonal values of red.

Makes the whole colour principle much easier.


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