Star C4D Modeling Instructor Jumps to Blender


Early in 2019 I repeatedly praised the c4d modeling training series, “Making it Look Great: Hard Surface Modeling Tactics for c4D”

Well…it looks like the instructor, Toby Pitman, dumped c4d for Blender


Even more illuminating was what he said next,

“Ha! Yep Can’t do subscription BS :)”

That’s right, the Maxon subscription is BS, particularly the way Dave decided to shaft the perpetual license buyer by drastically raising costs while offering substantially less. Utterly needless vindictive mercenary behaviour.


The thread he posted two weeks after that is even funnier. Despite his qualms at the sub, Toby was apparently still on the fence enough to contact his Maxon rep about upgrading. The rep didn’t bother to get back in touch before Toby’s MSA ran out, or possibly had more important things to do than helping out the guy who had spent a year or more recording the best modeling tutorials in C4D’s history for MILG11, so Toby shrugs and says, I guess it’s Blender then folks! Once he posted that publicly, Maxon apologised and wrote back that they’d ‘escalated’ the issue, but judging from the thread the horse had truly bolted by that point and Toby has well and truly entered Blender land.

MILG11 probably received the most widespread acclaim that I’d seen for any 3D training ever. You’d figure Maxon would have done something extra to keep the relationship going, or even chuck him a free perpetual sub and ask if he could crank out some top modeling videos for the official site or Cineversity each year or something, but the whole thing withers on the vine because no one thought it was a priority. Now if Tony ever gets the urge again to record more long, top quality modeling tutorials, they won’t be for Cinema 4D. They’ll be for Blender.




Hard Ops and Boxcutter are currently in a bundle for $38. Couldn’t resist.

And, of course, it ll be 25% less tomorrow.


Annnnnd…who cares.


I’m jumping on that.


Boxcutter looks quite useful.!!


Welcome to the future:

KitOps. Like Boxcutter but with preset cutter for quick detail modelling. $33

Speedflow. An alternative to Boxcutter with nice interface. $20

DecalMachine. Add details via normal mapping. $40

MeshMachine. For those who want the best topology when modelling. $40

Some pretty unique tools that make modelling a joy.

MeshMachine has some incredible mesh surgery tools and is an excellent complement to Boxcutter/Speedflow.

I’m surprised an enterprising C4D plugin developer hasn’t been inspired by some of these tools. NitroBoxTool is the closest to Boxcutter on C4D. BTW, Nitroman is running a 30% discount for BF.


IceCaveMan - what did you think of the BlenderCon2019 videos, now that you’re seen the presentations? I recall you were keen to watch them.


I have been keen to watch, but I’ve been covered up on a project, working day and night the past six weeks. I’m even working today–Thanksgiving here in the U.S. I won’t be up for air for another six weeks. It’s a database for a university.


AFAIK (correct me if I’m wrong) all add-ons for Blender need to be under GPL because the host app is under GPL, or something like that. So the sources are open. However, while you could “get inspired by” that code, any stuff you copy from there would need to be under GPL again. I think C4D developers - with the exception of some scripting stuff that can’t be encoded - don’t do that open source thing.


It just needs to be GPL compliant. Apache is compliant too. Cycles is under Apache License.


But you’d still need to publish the code…?

Anyway, of course you could get “inspired” by the functionality without reusing code from Blender projects, but doing complex plugins from scratch is a (financially) risky thing in the C4D environment. So many plugin developers either complain or have given up…


Not necessarily. That’s one of the differences to GPL. In case of a Blender addon it doesn’t play a role though, the source code is in python, and comes with the addon.

As told, The inbuild render engine Cycles is under Apache license.

I cannot say though how the law is for providing closed source dll’s with an apache addon for gpl software like Blender. This is a grey area i would say. Apache is fine with closed source. GPL not. I think here the GPL would take over.

But even with GPL you can make good money since you just have to hand over the source to your customers. There is no public repository for the hard ops addon for example. And it sells well. But yeah, it’s a risk :slight_smile:


Hang on, I’m not suggesting a developer outright plagiarises or uses the Addon code. I’m saying be inspired by them and bring these sorts of features to C4D.

The Blender Addon community is full of fresh approaches to tired processes. Look at DecalMachine why couldn’t a C4D developer take that idea on with their own code? It is just pasting normal maps on objects.

The amount of ‘piracy’ not that you can call it piracy under GPL is tiny. The Blender community gets behind and supports Addon developers.


Not that I intend to do it, but if there is a public license (your mileage may vary with the specifics), then I am licensed to reuse that code. That is the nature of a public license - and if we ever get away from the capitalist “I need money, I need more money, I need to make the most money I ever can” mantra, it’s actually a great idea. (Why reinventing the wheel if the libraries already exist?)

Unless there is a patent (or similar protection) covering the idea and/or the technical implementation, you could also reuse just the concept of a Blender plugin in C4D (without actually copying any code), yes. I’m not sure what the “moral” implications on that is, though, as the idea is sometimes more “valuable” than the concrete implementation.

Would probably be worth a poll: to what extent would you support copying Blender ideas into C4D, and at what point would you call it blatant plagiarism and outright IP theft?

(I remember Maya having a patent on “star/circle menus” many years ago, which is why the global popup came so late to other DCC applications…)