Stand-Ins take double to render in Arnold..



So i have a big scene that i need it to convert in a sequence of stand-Ins to be able to navigate and interact with it. I use compression and each file is around 500 mb.

Anyways, when i render it takes almost double the time, is this normal with Stand-Ins?



If you render particular object in scene and then export this object to stand in, load back in scene, delete(hide) original and render again — it should not take twice longer.


Thanks Kiryha. I made an Stand-In of an entire scene just as is and then in a new blank scene import that Stand-In, put the same lighting and hit render, it looks identical but as i said render time double… perhaps i should not export the entire scene but individual objects?.., although that can take much time since is a huge scene…


If render settings are the same(sampling, ray depth etc) still no reason for render time increasing. Any way complex scenes require careful treatment to catch issues.


thanks Kiryha, yes i have to debug the scene to see what is causing the time increasing…


Hi! Have the same problem. After using stand-in, render time double. Did you find the reason?