Stan "The Man", Andrew Hakim Lie (3D)


Title: Stan “The Man”
Name: Andrew Hakim Lie
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hi CGTalkers,

this is my second and final project for the ultra-awesome UDA intensive CG Course which I participated here in Shanghai - China, and taught by the country’s best duo artists XuJian and Chen Rui

The subject Stan Lee perhaps needs no introduction, to me he is the Shakespearre of our time, creating iconic characters that we all loved as kids as well as until our adult lives today (not that we CG artists ever grow-up anyways)

I used 3dsMax and ZBrush for modeling and sculpting, PS for texturing, and finally for Hair I used the excellent Ornatrix for V-Ray.

I Also did another version which is a somewhat cool lighting:

I hope you like them and please let me know which one you like better :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a nice day,


Good Good shanghai!


good job man:buttrock:


cool :wip:


Very nice! I prefer the first version. Maybe the second one but with a different colored shirt.
Besides that the likeness is there and the portrait is very pleasing. Congrats


Incredible realism! Award!
Cold lighting its like a zombie :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I agree with yuriki, the cool versions makes him look a little like an undead Stan Lee :slight_smile:


Looking great! I like the warmer version a bit more. I would probably push the occlusion map a bit more on the face… feels just a bit too soft.


Looks so real. I like that you got all the details in this piece


great great work


Fantastic work.
Posted it on the blog.


great work ! :applause:


Hi guys,

sorry just able to get back to you after the weekend since I don’t have internet connection at home,

but thank you so much for the ‘warm’ compliments and the ‘cool’ feedback (both pun intended ^^)

Especially Yuriki when he pointed out that the Cool light version looks like a zombie, he is right, I checked the image on my wife’s laptop and the color around the face is pretty much gone pale white. Before submitting I was really concerned in particular with the color of the images since I was using monitors that are not calibrated. I have here in our office one of those Datacolor Spyder thingie but we never been able to figure out how to properly use it

Right now i’m at work but when i find the time, I will adjust again the color of the cool one and will repost it again, really terribly sorry for that

Again thank you so much guys for the critique and comments,
hope you have a great day



Amazing live, very nice.:wink:


Hey, buddy, see you again.


beautifull work, and good cloth shader!


Hi guys,

here’s the update to the color correction, I decided to post it down here instead of messing with editing the first post

while doing this color correction i’m not entirely sure at what point I should stop, the image above at my office monitors look pretty dark but most of the colors are back (rather than pale zombie-ish)

appreciate it if you let me know if it’s any better…or worse :sad:


the first one looks more live and realistic for me, but awesome work!! :bounce: :buttrock:


very nice illustration - there is somethign fleshy and alive about him that i really like - even tho am not a big fan of photoreal old guys on cgsociety/ZBC. :slight_smile:
I Also like your hair work. Sadly i didn’t get a chance to try ornatrix for vray , only hairfarm which is not exactly compatible with vray , bleh…

Now, to make you illustration even better here are my humble suggestions:

  • You could get some reflexions on the glass of his sunglasses. keeping it subtle, but having it there will help defining their material and attract the viewer’s eye to his eyes, not his teeth.

  • his teeth are going very bright and kinda distracting. taking them down a bit would help

  • am not sure, bu did his sunglasses were also corrective lenses? Cause if so, you might need some refraction happening and distorting his face somehow.

  • you seem to be lacking some details around his lower eyelids area. Especially screen right, close to the nose. I’m guessing that if you have reflexions overlaping on this area, this issue will just disappear

Voilà - Awesome piece nonetheless. !!!


Hi, Could you tell us a little more about the course? I was looking it up on line and can’t find
any information on how to apply for the course and when does it start?