Stairs, Sigurd Fernström (3D)


Title: Stairs
Name: Sigurd Fernström
Country: Sweden
Software: After Effects, Maya

A personal interior project… wanted to study lightning so i built a scene and experimented with different methods… Was supposed to render it with Renderman in the end but ended up with Maya software. I lighted the scene with ordinary light (No GI or Final gather) and with Mayas ipr as help… when i then switched to make a final render in RM the values of the lights was different… but i’m pretty happy with the results despite maya software… the speed of the render was very fast to… around 1.5 minute!=) Some post i AF to… Mery xmas everyone=)

Linking some more images…


Great image mate, light is just fine and camera angle is pretty cool. Maybe you should try to put red cloth up there so you would have some contrast and point of interest.


Really good image dude, but I don’t know if you’ll understand me, but I fell like looking at a real time grat video-game screenshot…these shades reminds me the the shader of the consoles you know…but still great :slight_smile:


The only thing that sticks out to me is the plank on the first part of the stairs. The side pointing towards us makes the entire plank look hollow. It’s almost like you forgot to close off that side of the box. I dont really see anything else as “off putting”, but then again the only reason I noticed the open end on the plank is because its so “close” to us.


trully good image i love the light and the sharp reflections


This came out perfecto!


Great feel to it! really like the lighting!


Really lik it. The camera angle and lighting is very nice.

Happy christmas,


the lighting feels very good.


Very nice! … congrats :slight_smile:


Sååå snyggt! I really wish I every had been anything near this!

Keep it up!


amazing work … light is great and your render is awesome too


Huyga yu bn AA AIN


I have a strange feeling while watch this place …


Excellent work
Really like that, Keep it up!


Great modeling and texturing work!! :thumbsup:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Hi all,

Just wanted to thank everyone for all the comments and the award… was very shocked when i saw the picture on the front page the other day. Don’t now if it deserves that much attention but glad u liked it anyway. It will surely boost my motivation to new heights:)



I love your attention to detail and the great lighting. The details lend toward realism.


Nice work. Are the window frames painted or modeled?