stacking up particles


hey guys, ive got a simple pflow question
i am doing simple particle emittion which is basicly covering an object surface with particles
now i want somehow to make the particles , instead of randomly pop up on the object surface or volume , with position object applied ,
i want it to build up from bottom to top of the object , how is that possible ?


Easiest solution would be birth texture (PFtools Box#1 or max2009 creativity extension)

You maybe able to fake it with a spawn and speed by surface.


birth/position on the surface, speed by surface, spawn by travel distance.


Lock/bond on the surface with a wind+turbulence + spawn by travel distance could be cool


Glacierise , can u supply a pic of the node tree if you dont mind , because i tried your method and it doesnt seem to work for me , its spreading all around like a explsion ball particles


That’s because the spawn operator is set to 100% speed inheritance by default. Set the speed inheritance to 0% or close, and it will work.


i really dont know what am i doing wrong but it doesnt work with speed inheritance set to 100 or 0
have a look plz if someone can help :shrug:


Sorry dude, I totally misunderstood you question - I thought you wanna build particles from the object outwards. For building them from the downside up - you should either spawn wt the bottom, and use speed by surface with the continuous option, or (better) lock/bond. That comes either with box#1, or with the newest max 2009 upgrade.


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