Stability issues with XSI4 Foundation



hhmm strangely and annoyingley I am having several stability issues with XSI4.0. For example when I open the tut file REN_e1_Frosted_vial_metal_corners_done.scn , open up a render tree in A, make a camera view in D and then delete the image1 color connection then make a quickrender area in in D (sometimes XSI crashes then) and then reassign the color connection to the Image1_layer whilst having the quickrender open and active, XSI always crashes upon rerendering the area.

Anybody else with the Foundation having stability problems??


sounds like ur card im a nnewb to xsi as well but try right clicking and turning down the refinement level in the quick render region


Nahh, don’t think it’s the card, don’t have any problems with LW, Cinema and Zbrush. It’s not that XSI crashes fully and directly, it first says that it’s going to crash, the scene has been saved correctly and then when I press ok it’s gone (of course XSI can’t recreate the file he save, that would be too nice). That’s why I’d like to here from other ‘new’ XSI Foundation owners if they have some problems, maybe even recreate it.


I’m not exactly sure what you’re doing when you say open the rendertree in A and camera view in D. All you are doing is removing the image1 connection to the phong shader and making a render region? If thats all you’re doing I just did it and it didn’t crash.


What video card and driver pack? Don’t rule out hardware just because other apps work… not all apps work the same, or call the same functions from the GPU.


It´s probably the card, believe it. XSI is kinda picky with Graphic Cards, although it seems to works fine on the so caled gaming cards, crashes are much more frequent in this type of cards vs a Quadro series or Wildcat series, where it runs smoothly all day long :slight_smile:

I notice that diference everyday at work.


first off im a lw user and xsi programing seems to be differentl…really diffrent from its basic programing operations to more complex ones…

You have to think that ur working in a modeler and layout and compositor all that at once with xsi …lw works these apps seperate and lastly does not use and log the same construction programing …i.e lw doesn’t work on node based history like xsi and maya

i had some probelms two…at first i don’t have anythiung highend im running on a g59oooxt gold edition …i crank up the setting to and no more probs

whats ur specs preludian?


Ummm what?


Is there a point to this?


Ziah, comparing LW to XSI workflow in this case is completley pointless. The fact that XSI is a complete package with no sub-programs or plug-ins doesn’t really relate to the poor guys problem.

Its more than likely a graphics card issue, XSI deals best with nVIDIA cards. I’ve heard of many problems using different types. If we can’t answer it here, your best bet is asking Soft what the deal is, they’ll tell you.



nope know it all you tell me :wise:

he sez he has a problem with his stabilty he sed something about lw lightwave doesn’t use as much system resources on my computer at least as maya or xsi… so im just droping in some comments big boy…i don’t think its the problem …since everyone is raving now about ati and xsi…i was just speaking my opinion which may or may not have been pointless


Well…yes, in this case it was kind of pointless. His problem seems more than likely a card issue, not a LW issue. Card compatability questions pop up all the time here, you’ll see that as time goes on and even more now with the amount of users coming in who are used to their non-nVIDIA cards.

Thanks for calling me Big Boy though, kind of flattering.



Also ziah please get a basic understanding of grammar so we know what you’re talking about.


lol gav ahahah i din’t mean you when i sed that …note i sed know it all and i wasn’t trying to tap anyone on the annoyance meter…like i sed in my first post im a newb all i was doing was trouble shooting … (weakly attempting to help)

nice troll character by the way gav very shrekish

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I’ve been getting occasional crashes with the 30 day Foundation demo also. I was just moving a slider for a color property one time. I’m running a Quadro4 750XGL in a dual XEON system that I run MAYA on so it was rather unexpected. Maybe MAYA is screwing with it in the hopes I don’t purchase the XSI license- it will get pretty ignored if I do. :-))))


Well I have a P4 2.66 Pentium with 1 GB Ram, Windows 2000 SVP 4 and a GeForce4 Ti4200 with AGP 8x. I would never buy an ATI again…

But as I read here, XSI seems pretty stable normally, but is a bit like a diva with graphic cards. Is this the right conclusion?

titaniumdave: The A and D views are only my view setup, did you reconnect the color and whilst having the quickrender open??

I very appreciate your help guys.


I didn’t try that last night but I just tried it now and it didn’t crash. I created the render region and then disconnected the node then reconnected again. From what people have said I believe that XSI is picky when it comes to cards. From the look of your specs, the card is the only thing really standing out because you have a better system than I do with the only difference being I have Win XP Pro and a 5600 fx.


I also just purchased Foundation (what a wonderful deal!), and downloaded it. I’m eagerly awaiting the DVDs, and in the meantime have begun following the documentation tutorials available in the download area. I too have had some (relatively minor so far) stability issues, but they manifest differently. In one case I tried switching layouts and the 4 view windows went blank (all gray), though all the menus and buttons around them continued responding. Another time the top menu (File, etc…) went white and didn’t work. Once again, all other menus and buttons were responding normally. In both cases, a restart of the app resolved the issue. (And I have since been happily switching layouts without a problem.) Another odd(?) behavior: everytime after I start XSI it minimizes itself to the taskbar and I have to click on it to bring the window up. Is that normal behavior?

I’m running this on a P4 3.06 GHz with an ATI x800 Pro card on Windows XP, using ATI’s (beta) 3.9 drivers. I know the card and drivers are very new, and assume that’s part of my issue, although all other apps (including C4D which I got in April) are running quite nicely with it.

On a side note: I’ve been lurking on CGTalk for quite awhile, and have really appreciated the informative (and often entertaining) posts from you all here and on the C4D side of the things in helping me choose to first purchase C4D and now XSI for myself. (I wasn’t really planning the XSI purchase, but couldn’t resist after the price slash and a read-through of the feature set) I look forward to actively participating more… I’ll be playing with my card and driver settings and let you know if anything makes a difference.



Hi there,

after defragmenting my HD’s and installing the newest drivers (directx9.0c and nvidia) and still having the same problem I did a small Wink presentation so you can have a better view. You need a Flash Plugin to view it and the res is 1600x1200. Size ~ 700kb


Sorry preludian, I’m not sure whats going on. I did the exact same thing you did without it crashing. I’m thinking its your video card but don’t know for sure. I think you should shoot a email to softimage including your system specs and maybe even a link to that file you just posted. They’ll be able to tell you of any known issues with your card.

Karma Mule
I suspect your problem is due to the ati card. From what I’ve read ati seems to have issues with xsi. As for the minimize issue, right click the shortcut for xsi and make sure run: is set to maximize or normal.