SSS! Subsurface Scattering!


I’m sure we’ve all come across it but what’s the whole deal? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Subsurface scattering and many practicle uses. I’m a novice to its use and would like to hear more about other peoples thoughts about it.


Basically I think it could be useful for any kind of material that ‘glows’ when there is a light source near it. Candles and lamp shades are two examples that cross my mind. The settings for SSS are hard to fine tune because there are so many variables so getting it to look realistic is a lot harder than it seems.


…I think we should consider two different qualities of a material,the translucency, and the way the material scatters the light through the surface which is applyed.Maya gives you the oppurtinity as well as others software to add translucency properties,tho it dosn’t give the same results as with an SSS shader.A sss shader can calculate the thickness of a surface and is able to scatters light into it and give that glowy/self illuminated effect…


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