Ssr, Gtn Vfx Dept (3D)



Been awhile! I will send you an email with updates in the morning, intersted in where you are now as well. Thanks for all your replies guys. Seeing as how this was something I did at work as a demo piece, I can’t post a wire or give much how to info on this. Sorry! However, I plan on posting a new car in a few weeks, that a friend and I are working on in our spare time, that I can give more info on. Thanks guys!!
Brian Ellebrahct

p.s. I can say, that this was not rendered using a renderdrive :slight_smile:


Great work on that car.
Sits pretty nice in that invironment.


weird design… looks like a mix between a beetle and a pt cruiser


man, thats flawless:thumbsup:


Amazing work. Simply amazing.


Wow! I’m not usually big on car renders, but this one is tops.


Oooh! Great!

Can really feel the atmosphere :thumbsup:
As kokillo said: Please share us some of the shader attributes :slight_smile:



wew. this car Rocks!!!

cool rendering :slight_smile:


Very nice work!

Generally the look is very photorealistic, but the falloff of the reflection on the right front makes it more CG. No explanation but my eyes feel it as unnatural. The bronze/golden logo at the middle looks a bit fake compared to the rest of the work (perhaps its the render that came out like this).

And one last thing is that the car looks a bit to dark below. It should be more ambient lit there.
Just some comments, it doesn’t mean i’m right, but no matter what the work is magnificent!!

P.S is that a team work or a person’s work?


Jesus’s baby mother that is some tight stuff really cool i still can’t believe it wow good job man !


:thumbsup: Fantastic work as always :thumbsup:
U r car master:)


I pulled this car out of a library to do some test with it, not a major project. THanks,


Damn you man… i can’t find nothing to bit** about :smiley:



great job man !


I personally don’t get this. I would understand if he would have modeled the car by him self, but no. So this falls below the other cars for my oppinion, because it’s been only rendered, not even modeled by self.

Sorry for this critism, but i just think that the level of getting on the frontpage is getting sadly low.

Good render anyway, but nothing special.


wait a second Sceme, i am not sure if you read the info on the inital post, under the artist, it says GTN VFX team, not Brian Ellebracht. A coworker here, modeled the car. I created the scene, textured and rendered it. I don’t understand why you are making such a big deal of this, alot of work that is created by more than one person, makes the front page.



Really nice modelling and also awesome shading / texturing / lighting! I really like the ‘clean’ look! :slight_smile:


Great, Just great (modeling, texturing, everything). Good job!:thumbsup:


Lets face it…it puts the photo in photoreal!!!

Actually…if only photos/or the real car could look like this good…actually it makes me want to buy that stupid car (I happen to hate those cars).

Truly amazing work Brian…your a superstar these days…now get down to Saint Louis and MOD my Xbox for me please!!!



Well the model looks good, at least from what could be seen there.
On the other hand … the lights are somehow wrong placed or too strong in some ares.
If you examine the picture it looks like a scene with some lights targeting the car (obviously) like the car is not from that picture.
The car shading is a bit too strong and too clear in comparison with the background.

In my view I’d reduce the lights factor and the contrast a bit. Then add some noise (fine) to match the background. Also careful with the lights and shadows produced by the background image (need to have impact on the 3dmodel too).