Ssr, Gtn Vfx Dept (3D)


Title: Ssr
Name: Gtn Vfx Dept
Country: United States
Software: Maya

Been Awile sime I have posted here, so I thought that I would show you what we have been up to here at GTN inc. Any questions let me know! Thanks,

  • Great model!
    • The grain in the background prevents the car from looking like it is in the environment.
  • Did you place the highlights in the front or did it just work out that way. (Either way,I like it.)


hmmm one of the most clean render ive seen since a long time wit maya :slight_smile:


great modelling, shading and lighting! Congratulations :slight_smile:


congrats! This is a very good render. :thumbsup:



Very nice, a bit dark on my monitor.



Great material. I like reflect of your car and also rim material. nice work.
can you show please wireframe?


Hey Brian, long time no see…

as always envy of your carmodeling skills pal :slight_smile:


thanks guys, actually, the car was rendered in the enviorment, the same time as the background. I will try to post an image of the wire in a bit,


this is amazing work! I am speechless! the reflection, whoa! Respect!


hey guys, I didn’t model the car, it was done be someone else here, I just put the scene together and lit, and textured it. Thanks,


Great job!

could you share some info on the car paint shader you used?
also, what did you use to render it?


Wow…it’s amazing…i really like the lightning of the scene…really good work man.:thumbsup:


nice material
can we get wires with that please!


Cool car, the material-rendering is nice


Brian -

Great work (as always, no surprise)!

You need to keep in touch, send me a mail and catch up with me, I want to hear about your new(ish) job…

Done any matchmoving lately?


Excellent, so beautiful :applause: .


Hey did you use that renderdrive stuff? It looks like some of their images espcially the one they put on their ads. Check their site gallery, see the 4th row, first and last images. see the fourth row

I’ve heard it’s pretty slow and it takes along time to render… but that’s just what I’ve seen. But to each his own right?


Don’t lie…It’s a picture, isn’t it?

Superb work! :thumbsup:


Very Very Good :thumbsup: , the material rendering is nice :slight_smile:

Welcome …