Squishy (and Girl), Stahlberg (2D)


Like very much what youve done to it compared to the 1st version, the rain really creates a better (subject to opinion of course) environment and I can only agree to what has been said regarding the girls facial expression and overall anatomy.
The way you have shifted the light on the creature’s arm makes it look a lot more natural (as natural as a 2 foot thick arm can be anyhow) and isnt as “annoying” (can’t find a better expression) as in the 1st version .

Really man… Any chance to get this one as a poster (or a high res. for printing)? Could look at if for hours…


Dali, dig a hole and jump in! This is probably where the road ends in surrealism. Thank’s Steven!

Tomas Andreasson


:thumbsup: Very nice steven…


Awesome! :applause: hehe I love it how Steven paints some SSS-like effects into his images (esp well done in the hand!) :smiley:


i love it:love: :thumbsup:


very good


The arm ties in much better than with the first image. I do think you need something added to the background. It should be some kind of light source that could explain the rim light effect that seems to be happening on the “left” side of the hand and arm. Street Light? Lightening bolt? Japaneese hanging paper lantern?


this pic is incredible ! I love that ! :slight_smile:


nice work till now… waiting to see more…:wink:


Now it’s perfect, impressive work as usual :slight_smile:


the latter image was better, though not good for your standards. but anyway, nice to see youre working on a new girl :wink:


The last one did it buddy :wink:

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It´s perfet for me!! PERFECT . The light and shadows, the idea, all!! :thumbsup:


one word fit enough. awesome!


To be really honest (no offence stahlberg) I like your first version the most. In the new one she got some bigger breasts, some dull background and his tatoos (or whatever) is gone making the arm… well unintresting.

Though it’s an awesome piece nevertheless, I can’t really judge because I’m not ranked high enough for you to value my opinons. I have your first pic as my desktop image though!



impressive work!! :eek:


Really Awesome Work !!!
I favor!!!:applause:


Nice colouring and very imaginative, But also a bit creepy ^^;


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: stalhberg is the best.
he never ceases to amaze… just love this painting.:thumbsup:


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