Squishy (and Girl), Stahlberg (2D)


I posted this in the WIP forum months ago, now I guess it’s finished, although if anyone has some good suggestions I may still work on it some. All Photoshop as usual.


What in the…:curious:
Her hands are in its head… But So cool!:beer:


Man, you never stop amazing me with your art.

Where do you get all these ideas from … like it very much


wow its perfect!! :thumbsup:
what software you use? photoshop or painter?
how much time its take you?



All photoshop as he said.
Brilliant, original idea. Something you come up with during sleeping-time. Or someone with al huge deal of inspiration. Great work :applause:


very wierd…indeed… What is Appenin?:rolleyes:

I like the overall feeling, and the light is nice, it migth be nice vith visible light rays from the inside of the skull…

Thats it…:thumbsup: :applause:


Dude… now thats deep!!! I dont understand it, but I am deeply moved by it… hahah you work is just amazing! What else to say than just “Bad Ass!!!” :buttrock:


Gorgeous work, I wish I had a larger monitor, so I could take in the overall of the image. After looking really too hard to find fault, I ask maybe you are glorifying the bicept on the guy a little, the bicept kinda makes the deltoid look tiny(though I am new to this junk, and thus could be way off.) also the girls face seems odd, something is off. Maybe her brows are too straight to be lifted like that? Or just because the hair hides the forehead scruntch that would happen from that?
But it does look great. I have to admit I been studying your face shapes(from a chart you posted on your site) trying figure out a smile shape for one of my models, and want to thank you for being so generous at posting that as well as wires and structure work, it’s been invaluable to me, and I am sure others too:P


Really dig the idea Steven, mind control… such a blissful thing ;).

I would have to agree on the bicep, and his wrists are very large in comparison to his hand, it might be the angle it might not. But on the contrary the hands are well done.

I’m also a bit lost as to what is happening in the bg, I see the umbrella covering her and such, but are you trying to represent wind blowing/debris? If not what are those cable like things faint in the bg?

Finally how old is the girl supposed to be? Even with the low cut and drooped dress, there’s no evidence of cleavage or any breasts for that matter :slight_smile:

It’s pretty cool work tho, I’m a sucker for emitting light sources. Very worthy of a plug





I say that seriously : Is it a litteral interpretation of an intellectual mastubartion ?

Anyway, great and subtil picture !:thumbsup:


Quite original and innovative!

The coloring is superb and I like the translucent effect you created on the head but also the background smoke/steam effect.


I put in my request for a backstory to this. As lild asked, what is going on in the background, I don’t think that paper umbrella is gonna protect her from those whipping ropes :smiley:


well to comment on the arm that seems off… i would say that that is the chubby little arm of a baby. not a man. thats why it looks odd. sorda like her child-like inocence is protection her.

i could be reading too much into that thought.

if im wrong please correct me Stahlberg but regardless it looks great.



well, by far not the best youve made :). i dont like it. it annoys me. in that sense youve succeeded in creating an image that affects the viewer.







I too, as most of the people here, am a great fan of your work, but to be frankly: I am not really fond of this image… seems a bit dull, strange composition.

Probably too deep for me. :surprised


:love: :eek: :applause: great work!


Love the lighting in this A+ work!