spy robots ?


here s the start of one of my spy robots. This is something for school, the assignment was “sound”. So this is an idea i’m playing with for about 5 months, but since school is nearing it’s end i ll better get started. (This is one of 8 other projects for school and we don’t have modeling classes, i’m learning on my own.) Ok this is about two days of work, learned a lot again, aspecially about unwrapping. It’s the base of the first robot, and is supposed to be something like 4 x 4 cm. Not sure about the box with the needless, i might replace it with something else.

Some questions … how big should i make the textures for lets say the black box with the korean logo on it ? Atm its 1024x1024 i think but that must be overkill, and i guess it makes it all slower to render, or am i mistaking ?

All c&c welcome, it’s still all new to me.


Hope the pics are showing, having some server problems (account transfer)



could some help choosing now how this robot will open. Atm i’m thinking the third way, but still in doubt. If u don’t know what it is, its on of those bathtub things, don’t know what they are called in english. Got the idea because of a movie i saw about some mafia people who went to talk in the bathroom as they were afraid the livingroom was wired. Now the bathroom is too :slight_smile: And i will make it walk just because i can (or hope to learn hmm) !

i had troubles with fitting the legs in till i found the thread from pgland
and i based the position for the legs on one of his robots. Hope u dont mind if u read this.

Here’s a closer look at the leg for those interested (untextured):

i rigged it and here s a small animation, just a test. About 2 mb.
all advice and comments very welcome. Thx for watching.


Hey buddy!

Glad you liked my robots, i`m liking yours loads too! I think there needs to be more lo-tech robots around these parts!

I think the 3rd way of opening is by far the best. Does the antenna expand out after it opens as well?

The legs look like they could maybe be a bit bigger, but I really like the design. Good stuff.
I`m waiting on more updates.


thx man ! Yeah in the third design first the antenna pops up to make room for the rest to open. SAfter the two parts turn left and right, the circuit is pushed up and the legs pop out. I agree the legs could be bigger, but i’m having a hard time getting enough room for them. It’s powered by some watch batteries, the small flat ones, and they are underneed the circuit, so there isnt going to be a lot of room. Thx for the advice and the comments, hopefully i’ll be able to show u more soon, and get to see your animation finished !


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