Spring village


I decide to change composition a little.:slight_smile:
May be it will be better.


Hi! So long time I am not visiting CGTALK. I dont paint something for myself long,long time…This is my last work .
Jacek Yerka is so unusual artist with unique
painting .
And it is not so easy to express yourselff in this style.
Here is my enter.


Yes, it is better in my opinion.


Yes , thank for your opinion.
I was speaking with my collegues and decide that it is better:)
But lions and unicorns my favorites characters:)


It does look better without the lion. I have also redone some elements of mine.


wow, the composition are stronger when without the lion.


Really nice and very interesting concept… Also it’s much better now without the lion…
Well done !:wavey:


Very cool concept!!
Good luck


Thank you, friends!:slight_smile:

I am not seeing sun long time-always is cloudy and snowy.
We are waiting a spring mood:)


A oasis in the middle of the north pol!!! haha i like it, i dont need to say great tecnique!! good luck inky!


Well done! Lots of Yerka elements in there.


Love this one… The detail is suburb. Well done. good luck.


Great composition, and use of color. Good luck int he competition. :thumbsup:


Thank you ,people.:slight_smile:

But I think that I havent a chance-here a lot of very strong works .


Tas man patīk, skaists darbs :slight_smile:


Visual presentation is good, concept is missing,tc


may be .

But occasionally surreal subject not suppose to make a difficult sense.:wink:


Well deserved runner up, nice work




Congratulations, Dana! Nicely done!