Spring / smoothing delay via Xpresso without adding to object hierarchy?


Current project is rapidly becoming a mess of springs in nested nulls, and as I wire up the xpresso, it occurs to me that much of it would be cleaner if the spring (or in many cases blending smoother delay) was simply applied only to the exact thing for which it was intended via epresso rather than applyig to every other item applied to that null, etc.

Is there some equivalent node that can be, for instance, placed between the output strength of a sound reactor and it’s intended parameter to smooth it out or dial in rebound/ overshoot type behavior without actually introducing a new delay into the hierarchy that effects everything else for that object?


I once did a python node for that. Its is python 2 so propably not usable with R23.

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JopsFS_Python_Damper.c4d (132.0 KB)