Spring 2019 XP and Cycles4D Updates


Sorry if posted already (don’t see any threads yet) but Insydium provided some nice updates recently — technically one early release and one official update – for XP and Cycles4D. Some interesting new features including an XP “Shatter on Steroids” object, new dynamics options, and some improvements to preset usability, along with some performance and stability improvements (most likely).


And the new core for Cycles is officially released (build 321)

…only sad note among all of it is the end of Cycles4D GPU support on Mac, due to Apple’s deprecation of OpenCL / move to Metal 2, and near-non-existent support for NVIDIA cards on macOS. Though allegedly they’re working to bring RTX drivers to Mac (ostensibly for the eGPU crowd). All in all though, some nice stuff to show at NAB and try out. Guessing the public release of the XP build might be during NAB? Not sure but wouldn’t be surprised.


Though allegedly they’re working to bring RTX drivers to Mac (ostensibly for the eGPU crowd).

Oh, where did you hear this?


If you run a search on something like “NVIDIA drivers for Mojave”, one of the results should be a thread in the NVIDIA developers forum. The first 20+ pages are basically a sh*t storm of people either (understandably) bitching at NVIDIA and/or Apple, or people trolling. But buried in that crap are approximately 2 posts from NVIDIA itself, which changed its tune from “our hands are tied, we can’t release drivers without Apple’s approval” (lie: they’ve been doing it for years with their unofficial beta “web drivers”, none of which had Apple’s approval, to “We are now working with Apple to solve this problem, no ETA.” (paraphrasing)

I wouldn’t expect to see anything until either macOS 10.15 or the next Mac Pro, whichever happens first. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see nothing. In the end what will matter for Cycles4D is if the Blender team buys into Metal. There are a few glints of hope for that API here and there; Adobe just added Metal support to the Mercury engine Premiere I believe. Unfortunately not for AE that I know of.


Well, maybe there’s a glimmer of encouragement to be taken from that.


Certainly not more than a glimmer but vague signs from one of the two parties are better than none.


RTX nVidia eGPU and official CUDA support would be a godsend.


I am in shock about how much my new X-Particles (from the NAB sale) has added to my fun and functionality with C4D!! I had no idea it could do some of these things. Wow

I haven’t even tried my new Cycles yet.