SprayBgPoints v1.0 has been released!



I would like to inform that our new interactive tool SprayBgPoints has been released. It’s similar to EasySplit, SwiftEdgeLoop, and other TrueArt’s plug-ins, perspective viewport friendly tool, spraying points with immediate snapping to background layer. So it simplified work flow from using Modeler’s Spray Points then TrueArt’s Push, to just one tool.

If you’re owner of TrueArt’s Modeling Pack http://modelingpack.trueart.eu please write to me with order id, shopping system that you have used Plimus/Reg.Net, and system information.txt, and I will send you free update that should work in LightWave v9.6.

Best Regards!


I have made video of TrueArt’s SprayBgPoints tool in action.
You can download and watch it here:


Is this $300.00 or $3.00 ?

Are you going to refine Push to be more like 3DCoats retopology tool or Modo 401’s?


300 usd for entire TrueArt’s Modeling Pack.

  Are you going to refine Push to be more like 3DCoats retopology tool or Modo 401's?
 I don't know Modo nor 3DCoat (just saw a few animated gifs).

 Push is just projecting elements in radius to background geometry. It won't be updated the way you are expecting, but I have in plans to update EasyMesh by various snapping options, including Push/SprayBgPoints alike background snapping. So, you will enable bg layer, press right mouse button, and EasyMesh will make single point on background, then you click another time right mouse button, and edge matching background layer will be made, and similar with edge to quad extending. If left mouse button will be used, point, edge or polygon will be slided on background layer. See EasyMesh page for current workflow [http://easymesh.trueart.pl](http://easymesh.trueart.pl) without snapping, to help imagine above process.

Currently it's two-step process, first use EasyMesh, then Push for projecting geometry to bg. After update to EasyMesh, it'll be single step process.


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