SPOTLIGHT: BEST of 3d Sculpting Workshop - Old Age


WOWOW!!! CONGRATS, EVERYBODY!!! :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause: :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:
BIG THANKS TO MAGDALENA AND REBECCA!!! We should have more like this!! Great exercise, I should say!!.. brings out the best in you!!


wow! thanks. really nice ,and great moments here! so many great artists here ,congratulations to all.

Alex Oliver


I think at some point we all have to step back and ask if we are adding detail for detail’s sake, or are we using deliberate, well-considered artistic judgement to effectively communicate the intended result.

I challenge you to tell me why lots of wrinkles and pores indicate “quality”. Are you responding to the “artists” facility with tools, or are you applauding the quality of the images design.?

I challenge the artists to exlpain their intent. Is it to create images of hellishly disfigured people or are you simply trying to make them look “real”? If it is the former, I would judge your effort successful. If it is the later however, I would have to say you have failed utterly, that you have confused infinite detail with realism.


:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to CGTalk. :rolleyes: The purpose of this particular challenge was to create models depicting old age. The requirement was not to ‘create realism’ necessarily, nor are old people ‘deformed’. I think you’ve missed the point of the Workshop.


That was very insightful. Thank you Carnildo!



owesome works…

would u mind if i ask which all the brush to make thease kind of wrinkles.
am a newbee … just learning how to get hang out of it…
thanks in advance.


hi, i like your work. looks vry good and detail, can i know how long it takes u to finish each model? , it these all is personal work?. nice to know u .


They look really alive omg!
World Class!


I’d like to see one of those with setup muscles underneath animated to see the old skin sliding over them.

Good stuff.



GREAT thanks Magdalena for this Great worckshop !
and great thanks to all that shared their knoledge and skils . it was a huge pleasure to participate to this worckshop.
it would be great to have more worckshops like this in the featurre.

Thahks, and Cheers too all of you guys


:curious: Hence the name of the workshop…Confused? Ah, 1st post…Afraid? No matter what, thanks for the laugh. :scream:


Oh, come on, Carnildo!! We are all just trying to get together and learn a few things… not to prove a point, as you think we are… And “hellishly disfigured” is just your point of view. Where you see disfigurement, I see beauty!.. and I see the sincere efforts of an artist who is trying to depict with his/her strokes something as deep and solemn as the idea of oldage. You may not quite understand it or see it in such a light since you chose not to participate and share in the joy, but to sneer.


get a life

is it realisme i wanted? No! Is it detail i proceeded? No!
If we wanted images we would have just find the right face and took a freakin picture.
I haven’t been doing this long so you gotta start somewhere. So lighten up


wow great work guys. amazing sculptures!!!


You are all correct about me not getting it. I did in fact miss the point of the exercise. I apologize if anyone was offended by my comments. However, rejecting criticism won’t get you very far as far as your education is concerned. A mutual admiration society serves no purpose. If you have any intention of doing this sort of work professionaly, it might do you all some good to give and recieve constuctive criticism. I didn’t come out here to troll you. I did however ask what the intent of the exercise was and asked if you felt you were successful. My choice of words however could have been more neutral.

In my professional life, I see zbrush abuse on a daily basis and I fear that ultra-detailed work of this sort is being held up as an example of “quality”. That detail in and of itself is becoming the accepted hallmark of quality while things like design, form, posture and all the other design elements that make up a figure (or head) are given little attention or buried beneath absurd amounts of texture which do not support the underlying structure.

This thread has a life of it’s own outside of your workshop, it is being passed around as an example of quality work. It’s not your fault that it has escaped it’s context, but I felt the need to address the results from the context in which I encountered it. There is some very impressive technical skill on display here, but I still question the sophistication of this solution to depicting old age. There is a tidal-wave like trend at the moment to noodling the bejeezus out of every model that comes your way which results in either an overload of detail (if everything is important, nothing is important) or worse, a complete disregard for the underlying design.

That said, I would still challenge you all to take a step back and ask yourself if you are making careful design choices about depicting age or are you adding wrinkles and pores until there is simply no room left for another one? Are wrinkles, pores and sagging flesh the only way to portray age? How does thin skin wrinkle differently than plumper skin? What causes wrinkles, is it gravity? expression? Beyond the simple physical appearance of wrinkles et al, can you more effectively project your intent by emphasizing some areas while underplaying others?

For my part, the most successful works on display here were the ones that showed restraint and an tasteful hierarchy of detail. The works of Oliveira and Pavlov stand out in particular.

I apololgize to those who took offense at my well-intended, but perhaps impolitic criticism.


I can certaily see your point but how do you know the artists didn’t use deliberate judgement?

And like others have said - it’s a workshop, the purpose of which is to learn and work on the technique. Also sculpting old age does involve pores and wrinkles - examine closely any photo of an old person and you’ll be surprised how much of both there is in it…




This was in no way a rejection of criticism and saying this it tells me, and please don´t take this as a personal attack (just in case I better mention this huh…) that you still don´t fully see the point (even though you say you could have been more neutral). It´s the fact of topic.
It´s like somebody is posting a modeling reel and you criticise the texturing work shown. It is absolutely irrelevant to the topic. So if you speak of constructive critcism, this would have been crits about problematic areas concerning the modeling resp. sculpting a digitally elderly character and NOT if this is about quality or not.

You screwed the topic, ok, that´s fine and the world is still the same. Saying so would have been enough but your additional comments that other people pass this thread around and saying it´s about quality or that people are not open for criticism or even that they won´t get a job in the industry because you missed the point is absolutely off again! and irrelevant to the works presented here, so please do not throw this ball at the guys that participated in the workshop and simply stay to the topic, because that´s what we wanna talk about here.



hey great everybody. I like these models
heh I’m my old man is here, I havn’t expected this, he’s not done, U know school is timeeating :sad: .


wow great show, wow wow