SPOTLIGHT: BEST of 3d Sculpting Workshop - MOTION


well put! That’s especially in answer to Endoperez :slight_smile:


very inspirational 3d modelling work all round, they are all incredible and the modellers should give themselves a pat on the back for the amazing work they`ve done…


Hmmm not sure about alien dimensions :). I really like the work of artists that appreciate rhythem, harmony, power and grace,…applicable to aliens too I suppose.

Dunno, its a thing I have.



I used to do gymnastics, horse specifically. The main idea is that your shoulder position is over the other side of where your hands or center is. Its hard to explain, but the upper body balances the legs so you don’t just fall to the side. You have to keep centered to maintain balance.

I don’t know if you used a reference photo, but your guy looks like he’s about to fall on his side.

Otherwise good of course


wow … very nice works … i am really impressed

o lord i have so many to learn and so little time :wink:


They look like they’ve been moved out of a museum. Really impressive!


Amazing work people - I will keep an eye out for the next one.
Noob question - this workshop was online, correct?
If so sign me up now.


McJAKe, yep, this Workshop was free and online. You can subscribe to this thread to receive email notifications of when all new Tutorials and Workshops appear on the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile:


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